Fantasy Man Monday

Here we are floating on Monday once more. I hope you will enjoy my fantasy man today.. Can he make you stop singing “Monday Monday, can’t stand that day”? or “Just another manic Monday”? I have a friend who suggests I find and cultivate my music tastes in THIS CENTURY. *Here is sticking out my tongue at you baby*
It is what it is.

I am living in packing hell. Yes tomorrow we leave for the RWA conference in beautiful Orlando Florida. It will be my first National Romance Writers Conference. I already know from the mountain of clothes on my bed I have packed too much. But I NEED things. Dresses slacks for a professional look, casual clothes for fun, club clothes *Who the hell even knows what one would wear out to a club anymore. I am sure I will not find any of those in my closet* Work out clothes and yes my brown string bikini.

That doesn’t even start the whole litany of grief over shoes. My best comfortable pair are hitting the skids in a fast and furious way. I need comfortable shoes so I’m taking them worn nub heels and all.

Then jewelry, make up, personal items, like that big shopping bag of pens, sticky note pads, note cards and my printed WIP that I really want to work on. Will I work on it? I DON’T know but I have to take it.

My diet coke vice is in the car along with some various grocery items, chai tea, apple cider. I’m bringing the paper goods for our community meals with the group on the budget plan.

It will be fun, exhausting, re-energizing. I want to meet the agents representing my friends. Not in a creepy stalker kinda way just social. I don’t think I am ready to pitch yet. But I want to meet people and be social.

So lets see what we can find for some Alpha Social Men today. Men with skills and good assets in their portfolio.

Does your fantasy man have a sprinkling of hair on his chest?

What is that wonderful groove across the male pelvis called?

2 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Er…does the groove have to have a name other than “come to mama”? I’m so not bringing a bathing suit. A. Because I don’t think I’ll have time to hit the pool. B. Because I can’t swim. And C. Because I don’t want to be mistaken for a main attraction escaped from Sea World. LOL

    See you at the conference!!