Fantasy Man Monday

RWA Conference was a lot of fun. I had the opportunity to meet face book friends. I met a few authors whose work I’ve loved for years. I got inspired by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Nora Roberts, Jane Ann Krentz, Yes, I want to swim in the pool not just watch life go by.

Jessica Anderson, remember to use the book under your wrist to ease the strain of signing 500 personal autographs.

I carried water at the literary signing. I got to breath the same air as Sherrilyn Kenyon. Diana Love remembered me from a workshop last year. I’ll never forget Meg Cabot and what a gracious lady she is.

Yeah for my friend Valerie who got a quote for her book from her idol. Life is all good.

I can go on and on name dropping today. But fact remains that I am a little seed trying hard to germinate while they are hugeass honkin tall perpetual sunflowers.

So… lets look for some particularly inspiring Fantasy Men today to celebrate with.

When you think of two thousand romance authors in one location and the collective expanse of their sum total of published and works in progress and infinite diversity of men represented and fantasized about.

Suzanne Brockman’s books were even the source of a research grant issued by RWA. How cool is that?

Men with dark hair, light hair, thick hair, sparse hair.

Men with buff muscles, lean muscles, tight muscles, heavy muscles.

I mean can you imagine how many men made it to the fantasy minds of 2000 women over the course of say an even 20 year career?

The task is really daunting to say the least. I may end up fantasy challenged just from the exhaustion of considering the variety of men that might bring into play.

Then there was the bare handful of romance writing men at the conference. I think they’ve figured out a good thing when they see it.

Oh Dear that was NOT meant to be suggestive at all…bare, handful…. oh my… I can’t get out of this any easier.

And what about the alternative romances provided by the Rainbow Chapter? I might need to investigate that avenue as well.

I can see there will be fodder for many many more Fantasy Man Monday’s to come. Oh my, now I’ve traveled down that path there is no hope for me. Fantasy Man Monday’s to cum…come… oh goodness… I just have to end it now.

Have a happy week everyone…And smile….makes people know you’ve been up to something naughty…like looking at Fantasy Man Monday.

4 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Darling, you were looking wonderful! And thank you for the glorious Monday pictures. Returning to reality (What do you mean there’s no maid service today?!) is always painful but you have made it less so!

    • I was hard pressed to come back to the real world today. However, princess time is over and it is time to roll up my sleeves and dig into projects with a passion. Fantasy Man Monday was one of those passionate projects last night. whoot… I do miss the maid service. damn.

  2. OMG, totally love the Eric pics you posted. Plus, I totally agree about wanting to swim in the pool instead of watching life go by 🙂 Nora Roberts’s speech was amazing at the Luncheon, wasn’t it? SO uber inspiring!! Tried to add you on facebook, but didn’t work 😦 add me!!