Fantasy Man Monday

Hey Peeps

Yeah. I know..Don’t rush me I still have 45 minutes till Monday is over. Fantasy Man Monday will happen. I came home from the RWA conference with what is being—–in circles, lovingly called Conference Crud… cough, hack, sneeze, snot nose, seal barking, toe curling side aching gagging cough… Acts like bronchitis and needs antibiotics, cold and flu elixer, tylenol, shower inhalers, vicks, cough drops.

So we need an exciting Fantasy Man Monday to make life worth living through…hummm who would that be? Who is it for you? My friend keeps mentioning Gerard Butler so here you go for Fantasy Man ….sniff sniff….Monday

OH Random Thought… In Phantom of the Opera—- I always thought the Phantom was the hero and cried cause he didn’t get his happily after.

Oh he is such a serious bad boy

And yet a quirky mischievousness

Yes…He has it going on— for almost any look in almost any time period.

Yes… I think he is a wonderful Fantasy Man Monday candidate

What do you think Ladies? Does he drive the sniffles and cough away?

Are you ready to give into his hotness storming the castle… or will you make it a long siege? Perhaps hold him captive for the duration?

Is life worth living one more week fighting the conference crud or whatever is plaguing you my dears?

5 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Gerard is my man…*sigh* I love Gerard Butler. I’d say you can fight the crud…if only to see what he’ll look like in his next movie. Hope you feel better soon!

    • Ah yes Danica so glad to meet u at the conference. Sounds like u managed to avoid the plague?

  2. He can chicken soup me out of my sniffles any day.
    and no, I have no idea what that means.

  3. Yup, other than being utterly exhausted for about a week, I was fine.