My Girl Wednesday

We are reveling on the cusp of a new age in acceptance of women’s beauty. A close look at marketing shows us a glimpse of the changing tide.

Beauty is diversity

Women of all cultures, races and sizes are beautiful.

Sexy at any size and shape? Are we moving toward acknowledgment of the rare beauty that each woman possesses somehow bonded to her essence with a power that comes via existence?

Or are marketing geniuses finally realizing who writes the checks in the American free market economy? and she’s most times not a size 0.

What do you think? Is this media manipulation or finally a voice of sanity speaks out for women of all sizes?

3 responses to “My Girl Wednesday

  1. Can I say yes to both? Media may be manipulating a large, money-wielding demographic, but the result is at least they *appear* to have caught a clue. That’s something, isn’t it?

  2. As media fragments into many more segments and, at the same time globalizes, I think it really opens the door for more diversity. Yay!

  3. Whatever the reason…. real women like seeing ‘real’ women represented by the marketing media monster.

    Beauty comes in all forms at all ages. Embrace your inner sexy gal and strut your stuff ladies.