Fantasy Man Monday

It is pouring rain today. It almost inspires me to have pictures of wet fantasy men. Yet that might bet too risque’. The antithesis of wet t-shirt. Wet running shorts. Ahhh no, I don’t think this is the time to go there.

Melisa wrote and told me that she can’t believe I have not previewed Shemar Moore’s hotness on Fantasy Man Monday. In checking I quite agree. He can not be overlooked a moment longer. This blog would be irresponsible to surging female hormones everywhere to deny them this eye candy moment.

So there you have it ladies. A few candidates for your next fantasy man dreams.

Happy fantasies

You will recognize him from Criminal Minds.

He has a beautiful smile, and there are some buff beach pics out there that will make us blush. ahemmm. anyway

A number of my readers contacted me to say a good smile was a most significant feature to capture their interest in a man. I have to admit a good smile usually comes with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

I have also not given sufficient air time to Scott Stapp. I have been reprimanded for this grievous oversight. I am hanging my head in shame for not noticing this sexy boy earlier.

Okay maybe not so much a boy. hummm.

One response to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. You… Shemar Moore is a wonderful specimen… but my Criminal Minds thing is for Matthew Grey Gubler. With long hair. Don’t know why… I think it’s the smart geek thing. 😉