Fantasy Man Monday

What makes a man attractive? This blog has blatantly indulged in skin deep qualities of handsome men. And girls…. the months of Fantasy Man Monday blasting into the cyber universe have revealed, we all have different tastes in the men we desire. However, all that aside does attractiveness radiate from the soul, through the eyes, as bards of old would have us believe?

Women by my age usually have pretty clear tastes in men. You gals have reiterated that fact over and over again in your requests for Fantasy Man Monday. By the way, those recommendations are appreciated and interesting to explore.

But consider for a moment…if you had the opportunity to remove physical qualities from the equation…, hair color, skin tone, eye color, height… throw in voice sounds, scent, heck even gender. Would you fall in love with the person you visualize as attractive….. or even, as appropriate.

This is a theme that is considered over and over again in writing. The age old beauty and the beast story, that I love, replays with a multitude of characters. The Hunchback of Notre’ Dame, Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera (p.s. I’m still rooting for the phantom to get his h.e.a.). Issues of who to love, how to love have pressed boundaries of race, culture, social status and gender over and over again. “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, “Aladdin” and “Xena Warrior Princess”…. to randomly pick a few.

Does attraction start in the mind and soul? How do you know it when you see it? Is it something you feel? Is it something you don’t feel? Can you describe it?

Does it fit and complete you in some way? Is it truly only chemical based in pheromones like the insects? Questions like these make me go hummm late night. I have been accused of thinking too much . (lol accepted.)

How about you? Those of you who are writers…..have you discovered yourselves writing the same story theme over and over again just changing the character details and story lines?

Looking at my bulk of vast work (tongue firmly in cheek here) I see myself writing the beauty and the beast story with the bad boy / lost soul centering on themes of redemption, acceptance, unconditional love, love conquers all, right always wins eventually, there is a happily ever after ending for everyone who fights for it, self acceptance. Would I be a better writer if I explored other topics? Or is it creatively impossible….are those other stories just not in my soul… are they someone else’s story to tell? What do you think?

3 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. you know what gets me? A great bass singer. *shiver*


  2. Ahh voice. There are special male voices that make me we feel warm and shivery all over. Not bass exactly but that husky warm voice like Booth in Bones.

    What other male voices do it for you guys?

  3. I think attitude is the biggest draw for me. Confident, but not pompous. I could sit at Scott Stapp’s feet forever while he sings.