My Girl Wednesday

What is it about the heroine in our romance stories that we enjoy so much? Is it our ability to identify with the character?

I have friends who only want to read the bad girl kick ass heroines. I’m told that the “waif” doesn’t sell well because she comes across as either TSTL (Too Stupid to Live) or whiney. I also have friends that cheer when they realize the heroine is a real life size 14 plus kinda girl.

What kind of heroine do you like? Face it as much as we love the hero and want to be his true love we all vicariously do that by “becoming” the heroine in the story. What kind of heroines can you relate to? What is a personal ewww for you?

I happen to like the ingenue. That innocence that needs protected. Ah, but then thru her own unique story arch you find that she is tougher than anyone thought. Is it because I want to be more like that? I don’t know. I’ve always been the tougher tom boy type hiding lace under the facade.

I personal don’t feel a need to fantasize about a size 14 heroine. I’ve busted my ass to get down to the size 12 – 14 heroine and I really don’t want to read about how she feels plump and unsexy because she has a little curve over her hip. Plueeezeee.

Yes, I like to try to identify with that strong yet innocent ingenue. Perhaps to me she represents eternal youth? A goddess like beauty that evades her humble personality. She has to be oblivious to her radiant beauty because no one likes a diva who knows she’s all that.

That’s the heroine I would imagine myself to be.

What kind of personality do you like your heroine to have? What qualities are you wanting in your heroine?

2 responses to “My Girl Wednesday

  1. This is interesting. I don’t know what kind of heroine I like. I’m thinking spunky and does what needs to be done.

    Two of my favorite heroines are Diana Gabaldon’s Claire and Jane Austen’s Elizabeth. Both of these fit. Plus Jane from Rachel Gibson’s See Jane Score. She’s more go with the flow (but I love her night job! HA!).

  2. Ah, interesting question. The heroines I prefer when I read or write tend to be tough, but not necessarily in a kick ass sort of way. Well, there are those two chicks I have has MCs who could wield swords like nobody’s business. And some other S&S types I like to read about. Oh, and that officer on a space craft…. ; ) I also mean tough in a “get things done and (eventually) for the right reasons” sort of way. At the same time, they have to have a vulnerable side. It might not come through in front of anyone else, but it’ll be there. Even better if it takes them by surprise : )

    And you’re right, no divas need apply : )