Fantasy Man Monday

In considering the concept of Men in general I searched for an interesting knock your socks off candidate for Fantasy Man Monday.

Naturally a consideration of socks made me think of underware so I looked there for our winner.

Ahem…yes well.

So after dismissing that thought as terribly naughty and not productive…although….somewhat interesting for contemplation on another fantasy day. *fans self*

I thought NO I need a pursuit of REAL men this week. Not some fickle fantasy that doesn’t exist!

I found these fine gents.

No *giggles* not quite what I am looking for yet.

ummm lets see. I am looking for the man that will stand the test of time. Grow old with me and be my love for the best is yet to be. I’m sure I read that some where.

Ahh….yes… for some but perhaps not for all. That kind of love gives you a soft mushy feeling but isn’t really the purpose of today’s Fantasy Man Blog….it doesn’t sizzle your shorts…. Which led me back to the under wear page.

No — NO—- Oh God No and just plain ewwww. Dirty thoughts invade as I search

I’m always caught up by the bad boys.

What happened to the boy next door?

Ah yes…he won American Idol.

On serious contemplation I realized my “boys” were always broke – bad boys

I can’t find my Fantasy Man for this week. He must be hiding. Maybe I should go home and look under the bed. Nahh I wouldn’t find him there. I expect he is feet propped up making a mess in some dark corner of my imagination.

Perhaps I should explore the concept of Fantasy Girl on Wednesday.

One response to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Well, the long haired dude looked feminine to me (well, from the neck up, and the pose), so there’s your start for My Girl Wednesday. *laugh*

    Hmmm. I’m feeling deprived. Never mind that it’s Wednesday now… I want my fantasy man!!