Fantasy Man Monday

I had a request to preview a Fantasy Man that has a more European flavor. The search was on. The first candidate was suggested by friend Beth. Goran Visnjic and let me tell you the camera loves this boy. He looks different in almost every picture I have seen of him.

I love a man with a genuine smile. Humor is so sexy.

Yet, the man has a look that is so introspective and thoughtful.

The dramatic lines of his classic features led me to explore more about men of Europe. I found several worthy of Fantasy Man Monday

Tihomir Dukic a croatian gentleman living in the United States and working for a launch of his acting career.

or how about the drama of this Fantasy Man.

Denis Nikolic.

What do you think? What is your favorite Fantasy Man….European or otherwise?

One response to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Goran has certainly improved with age!! Love that first picture.