Someone reminded me of the thought, don’t judge until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Which led me to thoughts of shoes. It is no secret that I really love shoes. I do have lots of shoes. They must be comfortable. That is the supreme rule one.

I’ve gotten a couple new pair of shoes this fall. During Black Friday shopping I found a pair a suede over the knee, high heeled boots. they are awesome and meet rule one perfectly. Just recently I bought a pair of short calf high heels. Again, rule one first and fantastic boots. to take a look at the wild shoes that Avon has available. Just follow the link shop my store and then put shoes in the search window. amazing!

I remember awhile back finding a blog that did a photo journalist review of a writers conference by taking pictures of participants shoes. It was hysterically funny. I can’t find the link now and it may have been several years ago. If anyone remembers it chime in so we can enjoy it again together.

This would give Cinderella pause

The glass shoe below comes from a blog on strange shoes.

Isn’t this one pretty? Probably doesn’t adhere to rule number one.

(We are just looking for fun and no copyright issues are intended.)

3 responses to “Shoes

  1. That rose shoe is pretty! I’m not much into shoes, though I have been trying to find purple shoes for a couple of years now! I did find a pair of purple boots that I loved, but alas, I couldn’t find them in my size.

    I’m a sneakers girl at heart.


    • Purple shoes are a challenge. I think I would love the purple boots. The selection of sneakers are mind boggling as well. I have fushia and purple sneakers. I have white sneakers with little glass diamonds on them. I could fill my closet with just sneakers. lol

  2. i bought a pair of those avon boots!!!