Excellence in the Blogosphere

I have friends who have fantastic blogs. So today I want to share a few of them with you. There is no particular order intended here. And No, this is not ALL of the great blogs my friends have. I’ll get around to revealing more as time goes on.

Kristen Lamb author most recently of “We are not alone — The writer’s guide to social media” writes a wonderful blog with help for writers trying to build a platform using social media techniques.

Today however her blog is about how her life is like a junk drawer. I’m with ya Sistah! Her blog struck my heart. Go visit her today and browse around the warriorwriters blog.

Another heart touching, thought provoking blog is by friend Jamie D. It’s called I’m Trying To Do Something. She writes about life from the heart and her family and the things that she thinks about. I love her words and the person that she is. Go visit.

Charlie Allden is a critique friend who gets my voice. She proved she was a smart girl when she created Smart Girls Sci Fi blog.

She started the blog to appeal to sci fi readers with reviews of multi media sci fi entertainment. You go Charlie! She is an awesome writer and has helped me learn things and grow in ways she may never realize. I’m still a little bird, not even quite out of the shell but I value her friendship and wise critique skills.

A collection of other critique friends did a similar thing with something they like thinking and talking about and that’s FOOD! Lisanne Harris and Abigail Sharpe put together a blog all about cooking and food. It is a great resource. Go visit Chicks In The Kitchen and check them out.

And a new friend Adrienne Wilder writes edgy urban romance fiction and you can find her worlds at The Atlanta Dens follow it through to her portrait/character portfolio because she is also an amazingly talented sketch artist.

I’ve decided she might be a kindred sister of separate mothers when I read her blog today about making a back yard water garden pond. She struck my funny bone and I’m still giggling about it. On first read, I laughed so hard and loud that office mates had to come see if I was alright. I guess they might have thought I was having a nervous break down or something. Cause work is so NOT funny right now. Go read it for yourself at her blog.

4 responses to “Excellence in the Blogosphere

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out, Eden!

  2. Charlie Allden is amazing. I love her reviewing style and I often take a chance on her recommendation alone.

    • Yes, Maria. I can’t say enough good things about Charlie. She got me when no one else did. She listens carefully and when she comments in critique group she is right on target and right to the heart of the issue without messing with a writers voice. She is also an awesome writer and I love love love her writing voice.