Fantasy Man Monday – Body Art

So thinking about a fantasy man today. I like the dark edgy hero with a certain vulnerable broken quality. Not surprising I never could pick a good man in real life. Oh but perhaps that is an oxymoron. LOL Cynical much? Not me. I think I do best sticking to fictional men.

In any event, ahem moving right along. How do you feel about body art? Yes Tattoo art? What is an eww and how much is too much?

Feast your eyes on these. .

This could define a good chest or highlight the weakness of a poor one.

What about subject matter of the tattoo. Old girlfriends names are a forbidden, goes without saying. Religious icons? Flowers? Really really big gold fish? At what point is it one tattoo too many?

5 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday – Body Art

  1. Abigail Sharpe

    I’m not really into tattoos. I certainly don’t mind them, but I can’t help but wonder what they’ll look like when the dude is older and lost some muscle mass, ya know?

    I’m such a downer, aren’t I? *grin*

    • Oh No Abigail. You never a downer. And I don’t disagree with you. And I especially don’t like so many tats that you can’t see some skin. I like the them to have a nice balance and the whole package look planned. Not just oh where can we fit more ink on. lol There is a popular commedian who talks about the young woman getting a rose bud tat and by the time she is mature it has bloomed.

  2. what is the name of this guy??? i want searching for more pics of him!!!

    • I try to document the names of the models I use whenever possible. These were not evident at the time I posted. I have gone back to look again to see if I could get a name on these hotties and sadly still can not.

      Thanks for viewing the blog. Come back often!

  3. i am very interesting for that name cause i want book him for a shooting!!!
    i hope u will found it!!!
    thank u so much!!!