Fantasy Man Monday

I contemplated Fantasy Man Monday for a long time this week. As a 50’s something single author. Okay well, I am in a seriously committed relationship at this time. However, in many years of singledom. I always whined, men only want the 20 something bimbo. Why Why not me? I have a lot to offer. I would make some nice man a wonderful fantasy….come to life… so to speak… I mean really, I AM an erotic writer…. *think think think* I could have kept a smile on his face. Why is man’s fantasy woman so perfect, so unobtainable. Then I realized I am doing the same thing!!! I have not given equal screen time to the real men out there looking sometimes hopelessly to be some deserving woman’s fantasy man.

I am guilty!

This is an error I must rectify. There are plenty of hard working men out there ready, willing and able to be our fantasy

Need I say hard working again?

A Man who is a men among men, one brave enough to embrace his feminine side in understanding for his woman without fear of ridicule.

(shudder, maybe that was too far)

Well, certainly a man who is ready to be playful and open to a woman’s needs

Yes, I see we have overlooked any number of wonderful fantasy candidates in our quest for raw naked hard hot Man flesh. I will do my best to occasionally give you examples of the BEST “REAL” men have to offer.

5 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. This is awesome! LOL You never know which “real” man will win your heart!

    • Yes Kellie. All these wonderful examples of burnin love had qualities I was looking for. Hard worker, fun loving, able to take playful risks, wise. I’m feeling very lucky today that I found all these things in one beautiful sexy package.

  2. Please don’t show any more pics of manboobs, thankyouverymuch. For what it’s worth, I kept exactly that in mind when I started dating again. My DH, sweet as he is, won’t ever be on someone’s calendar, but listen to him talk and ooooh… A voice like his could talk me into anything. And has. 🙂 Or there’s that sweet smile when he’s working his butt off to make *me* smile (take that any way you like it). Or there’s that twinkle in his gold-brown eyes, and he doesn’t even need to say the words. Of course, all that being said, it all pales in comparison to when he empties the dishwasher without my asking. That’s when I fall in love all over again. 🙂

    Yup, something to be said for bypassing Mr Hot Guy for Mr. Nice Guy. Hot doesn’t last forever, but nice? Yes. Yes it does. 🙂

  3. tina zappone

    Who is that man in the first photo? He is absolutely MESMERIZING!