Thirty Days Till “Dar’kind Promises”

I can’t believe it is only thirty days until “Dar’kind Promises” is released on 2/3/13. This is a short novelette length story. It is paranormal f/f erotic romance. Each day for the next thirty days, I am going to give you a teaser and tell you some background secret about the story. You will also have a chance to ask me ANY question you wish. It should be fun. I just hope I can fill thirty days, eek. You can see the offical blurb and cover in an earlier blog here. So happy reading and let the secrets begin. Tomorrow I will tell you how this story got started.


“No, this is better but still not completely right.” Verucca pulled a book from her cluttered worktable and flipped through pages. “Cat’s the size you are now are pets in the Earth Dimension. However, your color is all wrong. There are no house cats with the odd spotted pattern of your fur. Fuss and bother.”

She lay the book down on the table by her hip, studying a picture from the pages. “Now, that color will do nicely. I’ll just have to add another layer to the spell.” She paused to reassure her feline companion. “It’ll be fine.” She shrugged, reconsidering. “It should be fine.” She checked the book one more time, clapped her hands and pronounced, “Orange Tabby.” The dark spots on the animal’s creamy tan fur stretched, elongated, and ran into a pattern of strips swirling around becoming orangish color on the cat’s fur. The crone walked around the animal looking down at her handiwork. “Yes this will do, quite satisfactory, if I do say so myself.”

The cat spoke for the first time. “Sa-tis-factory?” she stressed each syllable. The animal’s voice sounded like it emanated from the bottom of a well, a remote, shrunken sound that modulated through a range of helium-induced tones. “You cronish hack! This is far from satisfactory.”

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  1. Sounds fun. I love the descrptions. Can'[t wait