Dar’kind Promises Secret One

I promises secrets about the creation of Dar’kind Promises. I hope I am up to the task. LOL. So the first thing that almost no one knows is: Why did I write Dar’Kind Promises?

It all started when I submitted my first story to Rebel Ink Press, “The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp”. My editor sent back the customary revisions letter. She said some nice flattering things that made me feel really really good.  At the end she said:

“Although M/M is hot right now, I feel we’re on the cusp of a F/F break out. My proposal is this, please consider writing us something from that perspective, any length any sub-genre. We’d love to take a look. If anyone is capable of pulling it off, I believe you are. We’d also like to see more from you in the M/M category when you’re ready.”

That one sentence, “If anyone is capable of pulling it off, I believe you are.” challenged me. One of my goals in my m/m story was making the emotion and love transcend gender barriers. Could I do it in a f/f as well or was that too close to home?

Believe me, I did a whole lot of thinking before I could move. Eventually, ideas swirled around and I put together a blurb proposal to send in to RIP for consideration. The answer came back we love it, write it!

I wrote for almost a year before I felt I’d nailed it. The result is “Dar’kind Promises”.

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