Dar’kind Promises – Secret Two

So the second secret in the count down for the creation of Dar’kind Promises was found in what type of love story it would be. I am so often drawn to the stories of never ending love. The physical and spiritual attraction that you are mine and will always be so draws me in.

Perhaps it is a consequence of living in a disposable modern society. ‘I want a love that will last’ is a popular song. However, how do we create a love story like that and retain free will? Also, where can we find enough conflict to keep the story interesting?

In Dar’kind Promises our two heroines are thrown together on a quest. They are compelled to be together to accomplish a task to try to uncover leads to find one of the Fae who disappeared.

Zelia is a feline shapeshifter. She’s called a ‘Tracker’ by her race. She has a human form and a very fierce predatory feline one. An ancient wizardess helps prepare her for blending in to the human Dimension by magically giving her a third form.

Maura is one of the race of Fae, a Dar’kind Fairy. Her life has been consumed searching for Ardith her Fae ‘sister’. She carries a burden of guilt for Ardith’s loss. She doesn’t allow time for distractions. Zelia constitutes a major distraction that she can’t resist. She is over loaded and over whelmed.

Zelia feels the connection to Maura first. She wants to reject the connection. She struggles to resist her attraction. Of course, without success.

I hope you will find the result an entertaining read.

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