Dar’kind Promises – Secret Three

The ancient wizardess Verucca Toadswizzler helps prepare Zelia for her mission to the Earth Dimension. Her meddling causes some startling  problems.

So, Where did I come up with the name Verucca Toadswizzler?  I’ve had several people comment on the interesting choice. Names are key in my stories. I will sometimes struggle for the right name. I’ve often written blurbs with Alphabet letters in place of names. It looks something like this blurb for an upcoming Amethyst Desire Collection story.

Bi-sexual lovers X and Y decide a little variety is the best gift they can give each other to celebrate their holiday yule. Girls just wanna have fun. All X and Y want for Christmas is a little cock. They suspect their neighbor, Z, can fit the bill in a big way. To be totally fair in how they’ll take turns with Mr. Lucky they purchase an amethyst necklace from Salynne’s Crystal’s and Thyme. Whoever has the necklace gets all their boy-toy’s attention. Then, they’ll switch. It’s only fair.

 Z’s had his eye on the girls next door and he’s just the man to fill their fantasy and more. Z’s not a boy. He doesn’t plan on being a toy and never, never played it fair. He takes the necklace as the first prize of his seductive war with the pair. He’s willing to take prisoners and plans to have both the women in his bed on his terms. He’ll consider their release for good behavior, perhaps in time for summer. 

Sometimes the names have to be carved out of the story. Other times they are right there in the front for me. I can’t always predict. Such is the case with Verucca Toadswizzler. Her name was not popping, squeaking or carving in any fashion. Then one day playing on Face Book I found an app…something like What is your wizzard name? I put in my name and the result was  — you guessed it Verucca Toadswizzler. LOL Secret revealed.

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