Dar’kind Promises – Secret Four

Verucca Toadswizzler has meddled in the affairs of the WyrmArach Dimension for many many years. She has her own secret about the birth of the royal twins.

When she placed a spell on Zelia to give her a form to hide her while she is in the Earth Dimension things back fired a little bit. Or perhaps they turned out exactly like Verucca planned? She is a wise old wizardess and ordinarily manipulates things to be just as they should.

In any event, why did I choose the form of an ordinary orange tabby house cat as Zelia’s alter ego in the Earth Dimension? LOL, her earth cat form is my cat Peyton. And the scene where Maura is trying to get the cat off her doorstep at the hotel is inspired by real life events. This kitten would NOT go away no matter how much I ignored her. She was destined to be my kitty I guess.


2 responses to “Dar’kind Promises – Secret Four

  1. I get tickled at Peyton. She is very loving, (like her mama, grin) She also purrs real loud when she is being loved on, again, like her mama. Love you baby.

    • AWW Wolf! Another secret. Purrr LOL.

      Peyton absolutely chose me to be her person. People believe she is still a kitten even though she is now almost 3 years old. She had a bottle cap on the kitchen floor the other night playing cat hockey. When she got bored with that she splashed her paw in the dogs water, sploosh, sploosh, sploosh. The dog looked at me and was like, MoMMM the CAT has her FOOT in my WAATTERRR!!!

      Now she is laying right in the dogs face with her back foot on the bridge of his nose. He is wagging his tail so I guess he’s happy. I think he misses Micka.