Dar’kind Promises – Secret Five

Secret Number Five. The quest of the story is central to following up on leads in search of Ardith. Who is Ardith?

The whole world of WyrmArach, the Dimension where things are quite unusual. Dragons fly, feline shape shifters, fairies and more was created in my novel length WIP called at the moment Dragon’s Mark.  This is the working title. I know the name will need to change because when I google “Dragon’s Mark” I get a lot of information pointed at a video game.

The Second book WIP in that series is Dragon’s Soul is The story of Isobeau and Kiernan. Yes, Isobeau the healer from Dar’kind Promises. 

In Dar’kind Promises I had the chance to explore other races from the WyrmArach Dimension. The Trackers and the Fae. The tendrils of this story are in Dragon’s Soul

In that story line, Isobeau is captured and taken back to the WyrmArach Dimension where she will be sentenced to a life of pleasure slave. She is pierced and fitted for her slave chains by a Dar’kind Fairy. Yes, Ardith. Ardith has her own secrets in what has happened to her. Some of her past is horrific. The torture and her disfigurement leave her unable to rescue herself. She is trapped.

While working on Dragon’s Soul and meeting Ardith, I wondered if anyone was looking for her. Didn’t she have anyone to save her? Didn’t anyone care?

Maura’s story grew out of these thoughts. Ardith isn’t rescued yet but I have a feeling her time will come. Happy Reading.

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