Dar’kind Promises – Secret Six

The way the bag guy gets into the hotel room to attack Maura is in the guise of the Pizza Deliveryman. What kind of pizza is Maura’s favorite? I didn’t mention in the manuscript.

Our local pizza the Mellow Mushroom has a great Caesar Pizza. My son loves the meat lovers pizza. The local pizza buffet, Cici’s Pizza does a great BBQ Pizza. And we have the choice of a variety of delivery pizza places. Is it sad they they recognize me from caller I.d. and ask if I would like my regular order? LOL.

Maura and I share a common favorite flavored Pizza. Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Black Olives. It is also the favorite pizza of Cathwren in that dragon story I’ve been working on forever. LOL Secret shhhh

What is your favorite pizza concoction?

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