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Felicia Fox Blog Tour

When passion and obsession collide, someone has to fall.

Series Book Trailer can be found here

Consumed Cover SmBook 1 – Consumed


Felicity has never met someone like Alex before. Alex literally glows from their lovemaking. For the first time, Felicity is in love, but the woman she’s spent the last two months with may not actually be a woman at all. Felicity knows that Alex is something more, but she doesn’t know exactly what. Allowing Alex into her life might be the worst mistake she’s ever made…

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Captive Cover SmBook 2 – Captive


As Felicity falls deeper in love with Alex, she finds herself immersed in Alex’s dark, erotic, succubus world. She and Alex are both in danger as a killer trails their every move. Not even the threat of torture and death can stop their passion when Alex reveals her motives for finding Felicity. Will their love conquer all or will they meet their end at the hands of a madman?

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elegant sensual young woman in red dress on recamier indoor shotBook 3 – Crave


When passion sets your soul on fire.

Object of a deadly obsession, Felicity has been taken by the crazed incubus, Marius. Secrets, lies, and betrayals are mounting against Alex and Felicity. Will their passion and love be enough to keep from breaking Felicity, or will Alex’s world be the end of her?

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About Felicia Fox

Felicia Fox hails from Northern California. She has her Associate’s degree in Applied Sciences, but has always known she wanted to be an author. A lover of arts and crafts, pin up looks, and avid reader, Felicia enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Consumed, Captive, and Crave is her first published erotica series.

P.S. Felicia Fox is a big fan of drunk Skype 😉

Connect with Felicia

Facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/authorfeliciafox

Amazon ~ http://www.amazon.com/Felicia-Fox/e/B00L9DGD9E

Goodreads ~ https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7497754.Felicia_Fox


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City Lights Author Event

Last Friday night I had an Author Event at City Lights Book Store in Sylva, NC.

We all had a blast. About thirteen people came out on a Friday night to hear excerpts of “Dragon Guardian”. I was gratified that they laughed in what I thought were the funny parts. Whew!

We did a number of door prize drawings so everyone went home with something. I was pleased to autograph and personalize several books.

The whole event was made into a podcast so you can enjoy the party even if you couldn’t attend the event. You can find it hosted through PodOMatic at this link.

Dar’kind Promises Secret One

I promises secrets about the creation of Dar’kind Promises. I hope I am up to the task. LOL. So the first thing that almost no one knows is: Why did I write Dar’Kind Promises?

It all started when I submitted my first story to Rebel Ink Press, “The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp”. My editor sent back the customary revisions letter. She said some nice flattering things that made me feel really really good.  At the end she said:

“Although M/M is hot right now, I feel we’re on the cusp of a F/F break out. My proposal is this, please consider writing us something from that perspective, any length any sub-genre. We’d love to take a look. If anyone is capable of pulling it off, I believe you are. We’d also like to see more from you in the M/M category when you’re ready.”

That one sentence, “If anyone is capable of pulling it off, I believe you are.” challenged me. One of my goals in my m/m story was making the emotion and love transcend gender barriers. Could I do it in a f/f as well or was that too close to home?

Believe me, I did a whole lot of thinking before I could move. Eventually, ideas swirled around and I put together a blurb proposal to send in to RIP for consideration. The answer came back we love it, write it!

I wrote for almost a year before I felt I’d nailed it. The result is “Dar’kind Promises”.

Thirty Days Till “Dar’kind Promises”

I can’t believe it is only thirty days until “Dar’kind Promises” is released on 2/3/13. This is a short novelette length story. It is paranormal f/f erotic romance. Each day for the next thirty days, I am going to give you a teaser and tell you some background secret about the story. You will also have a chance to ask me ANY question you wish. It should be fun. I just hope I can fill thirty days, eek. You can see the offical blurb and cover in an earlier blog here. So happy reading and let the secrets begin. Tomorrow I will tell you how this story got started.


“No, this is better but still not completely right.” Verucca pulled a book from her cluttered worktable and flipped through pages. “Cat’s the size you are now are pets in the Earth Dimension. However, your color is all wrong. There are no house cats with the odd spotted pattern of your fur. Fuss and bother.”

She lay the book down on the table by her hip, studying a picture from the pages. “Now, that color will do nicely. I’ll just have to add another layer to the spell.” She paused to reassure her feline companion. “It’ll be fine.” She shrugged, reconsidering. “It should be fine.” She checked the book one more time, clapped her hands and pronounced, “Orange Tabby.” The dark spots on the animal’s creamy tan fur stretched, elongated, and ran into a pattern of strips swirling around becoming orangish color on the cat’s fur. The crone walked around the animal looking down at her handiwork. “Yes this will do, quite satisfactory, if I do say so myself.”

The cat spoke for the first time. “Sa-tis-factory?” she stressed each syllable. The animal’s voice sounded like it emanated from the bottom of a well, a remote, shrunken sound that modulated through a range of helium-induced tones. “You cronish hack! This is far from satisfactory.”

Dar’kind Promises Official Blurb

I’ve received the official blurb for “Dar’kind Promises”. I’m so excited. It is my third release with Rebel Ink Press.  Yet for the first time, this seems real.  This is my first lesbian F/F release.  My sisters in the ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ motorcycle club have been asking me to write some F/F romance. So for all my lesbian friends here you go!

I actually have several lesbian romances coming out this year. “Beverly’s Secret”; “Phoenix Reborn”; More to come!

Happy Noel everyone!

Dar’kind Promises


Darkind Fairy Maura comes to the human dimension on a search and rescue mission for one of her race. The success of the mission rests on her wits and the skilled aid of her feline tracker, Zelia. Unfortunately, Zelia is experiencing unpredictable shifts between feline and human forms.

Distracted by the sultry woman in her bed, Maura struggles to stay focused on their quest. If they’re unable to figure out how to gain control of Zelia’s shifting, all hope for success of their mission as well as any possibility of their future together will be lost.

Worse yet, an ancient evil targets Zelia and Maura in a bid for power and control of their magic.

Zelia is willing to risk becoming trapped in feline form and losing the love she’s found if it means she can save Maura from the evil hunting them. Meanwhile, Maura searches for the strength to abandon the quest for her lost ‘sister’ if doing so will save Zelia’s life and stabilize her shifting abilities.