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A Gift for My Readers

Thank you for your support throughout my writing career. I now have ten novellas, novels or novelletts published. They range from historic M/M erotic romance to Contemporary to Paranormal M/F erotic romance and many things inbetween. Actually in the menage stories there is quite a bit “in-between” LOL.

When Dragon Guardian (M/F/M Paranormal Erotic Romance) released last spring, readers were fascinated with Kiernan Walker. I’ve written a 9K+ free read to tell you a little more about this mysterious dragon shifter.  You can download the story free by following the link on my books purchase page, hidden under the title.

It’s my way of giving something a little extra to my faithful readers.

DragonBetrayal_LargeResCover (3)A  new story from the Drakins of Wyrmarach.

M/F Erotic Paranormal Romance

Kiernan Walker couldn’t seem to get the black haired healer, Isobeau Monroe out of his thoughts. E-sa-bow he’d whispered her name, let her feel his need.

Now he was in the service of the Enforcers, the mates of the rising Dragon Guardian. Everyone is in danger. He can’t break the control the enemy has over him.  A healing journey takes him back to revisit the past that set him on this path of self destruction.  What will be the ultimate Dragon Betrayal?

Dragon Betrayal – TBR August 2014

Eden Glenn author of erotic romance, contemporary and paranormal addressing all spectrums of relationships; menage, f/f; lesbian; m/m; gay and m/f.

Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful Monday in the mountains. I am going to give you a wee taste of the free read that is due to release August, 2014. “Dragon Betrayal”.

I shall set the stage.  In Dragon Guardian we meet Cathwren ‘Wren’ and two hunky dragon shifters, Ethan and Caleb. They have a character arch to follow and are rather neanderthal in this first vol 1 of the trilogy. Wren is rather unsure of herself but gaining ground quickly. This is vol 1 and begins the romance between the three.

Additionally, I have previously published with Rebel Ink Press a variety of side novellas and novellettes that generally have these three as walk on characters and little cameo appearances from various characters in the world. Slivers that touch upon the world of Wyrmarach.

Those titles of The Amethyst Desire Collection (in order) are Raynia’s Magic; Beverly’s Secret; Phoenix Reborn; Shifter’s Legacy; Emma’s New Year.  Two other novellas, Dar’kind Promises and what was titled Dragon’s Unbound…to be re-released as Dragon Emergence (this fall) also tie into this world.

Dragon Betrayal is a bit of the back story of a side character in Dragon Guardian. Kiernan comes in strong, dark, tortured and mysterious. I planned on this free read as a bit of a reward for faithful followers. Also it intentionally poses a lot of questions.  It is not designed as an encapsulated story, my friends. It is a hook and I won’t mince words on that. Some of this will be resolved in the next novel “Dragon Mark” as part of the secondary romance building in that volume 2.

DragonBetrayal_LargeResCover (3)Draft Blurb:

M/F Erotic Paranormal Romance

Kiernan Walker couldn’t seem to get the black haired healer, Isobeau Monroe out of his thoughts. E-sa-bow he’d whispered her name, let her feel his need.

Now he was in the service of the Enforcers, the mates of the rising Dragon Guardian.   Isobeau guides him on a healing journey taking him back to revisit the past that set him on a path of self destruction.  What will be the ultimate Dragon Betrayal?

Now this story is under the setting staged in Dragon Guardian.  Kiernan was held and tortured by the enemy for six months in dragon form. Cathwren “Wren” saves his life in D.G.  It’s up to Isobeau to guide him on a metaphysical healing journey to tie together some of the loose ends.  This novellette explores what he experiences going back into the past during that journey.  The blurb needs a bit more work, that’s why it’s a draft.  Blurb writing is hard! LOL

draft excerpt:
The Dragon who was Kiernan stared down at the sultry healer Isobeau. He turned his head to consider her with one large eye. E-sa-bow, he savored her name in his mind. At the moment she was yapping at him like a terrier with a rat.
“First you don’t want to shift to dragon so we can heal your beast and now you don’t want to shift to human. Healing is a balance between metaphysical beings. You’re not cooperating.”
When had he ever been cooperative?

I’m off to work on edits for Kiernan’s story and see if I can wrestle this dragon to ground.

I would love to discuss this work with readers and look forward to your comments.

City Lights Author Event

Last Friday night I had an Author Event at City Lights Book Store in Sylva, NC.

We all had a blast. About thirteen people came out on a Friday night to hear excerpts of “Dragon Guardian”. I was gratified that they laughed in what I thought were the funny parts. Whew!

We did a number of door prize drawings so everyone went home with something. I was pleased to autograph and personalize several books.

The whole event was made into a podcast so you can enjoy the party even if you couldn’t attend the event. You can find it hosted through PodOMatic at this link.

Lessons from an Author Signing Event

This is kindof a long article. But it does hit the nuts and bolts of promoting at an Author Event from A to Z all in one package.

When I set the date for my print release of the direct publication project, “Dragon Guardian” I also started networking with local independent books stores to host book release parties for the event.

Blue Ridge Books in Waynesville was set for the event for May 3rd on release day, a Saturday afternoon at 3pm  and then the upcoming City Lights Bookstore in Sylva is set for May 16th in the evening.

I thought I would share a few things that I did for the book signings and what may or may not have been successful.

Even while I was in final edits and production I started organizing the marketing materials for the book signings.

The first thing I did was design and order a pop up banner that I can use for any in person events…from book signings to guest speaker events. Pop up banners are vertical rectangle stand up banners.

My purpose was to have something that would last longer than the next book. Longevity was important. Something that would mark my brand as author.

I designed it with tools on the web available at Staples. I had them produce it. Also, I purchased a stand to hold the banner.

This is what I came up with.


It has my name: Eden Glenn. Below that Erotic Romance Author. Then a graphic of a girls back. Below that is my tag line “Romance So Hot It Burns Off The Page”.  Across the bottom is my website in white. The colors are very bold, Yellow, Red and white. The font is very large to be visible from across the room.

I used Photoshop to design the banner and it is very important to be specific in the largest possible images and the highest resolution so that the banner is clear.

The second thing I started with was different kinds of promotional literature. I redesigned my business card, so it was current and clean. I designed a rack card for my book series from Rebel Ink Press, The Amethyst Desire Collection. I also designed one for the Dragon Guardian release.  Rack cards are rectangle cards that are sized to put in racks at various outlets. You see them a lot at tourist centers and restaurants.

I used these as beginning advertisement sitting at the book store as a teaser before I had the books in. I dropped them off a couple weeks before the event along with a eight by ten photo quality image of the cover that I laminated with the self seal lamination pockets.  This way the store had my cover on a little table top easel (wire easel purchased from the Dollar Tree) and then the info rack cards for customers to pick up. I place a bright shaped tag on the corner of the cover with the statement “Author Event” the date and time. You can see a sample of the tag on the poster below.  Of course the one I used for the 8 X 10 was much smaller than this full sized poster.

The next thing I did was work with staples to create a poster of the book cover. I used medium size and it came out really nice. Medium is 24 X 18 inches in size.

10250194_10100309096894582_698316391998768885_n You can see the poster on an Easel here in the picture.  I bought some very bright shapes from The Dollar Tree and printed very clearly Author Event May 3rd 3 to 4pm.  This poster was placed in the book store window a week before the event for everyone to see. The smaller shapes in the same package were the ones I used on the 8 X 10 photo print of the cover for early publicity.

After that I gathered some items for give away.  I used 2 X 4 adhesive labels and printed small cover images and QR codes to save space and maximize the use of the label.  Each one held two covers and two QR codes for my website.


I purchased small notepads from the Dollar Tree.  Two pads in a package for a buck. Not bad.  They have a little magnetic snap to close them. I put a sticker of my cover on the outside of the pad. It had a nice metallic swirly pattern on the book.  On the inside I had a label with my QR code and tag line/website. http://www.EdenGlenn.com — Romance So Hot It Burns Off The Page. I was able to find a package of generic adhesive address labels also at the Dollar Tree. So I used their online template. The labels are smaller about 1″ x 2 5/8″ , just big enough for a small sound bite.

My feeling is that people like getting things that are useful.


I purchased a few other odds and ends and made sure I put my labels on each thing. I used my QR code to direct everyone to my website. I always made sure I placed my website address with it so people could key in the address if they didn’t read QR codes.


Hot Damn Designs created a calendar featuring some covers they’d designed. I arranged advertising to have my Dragon Guardian cover on the back of the calendar.  They are going to give these away at Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention. They were kind enough to give me a few copies. So I had a few for give away and I put one in the gift basket and had a couple others to put in the variety of prizes that I’d chosen for give away. This way the folks who purchased books would be in the drawing for the wine but I would have the other items and gift basket for give away regardless of whether the guests purchased a book or not. My plan was to make sure everyone attending went home with something that had my promotion on it and website access.

The story is a menage’ romance so I purchased a bottle of Menage’ a Trois wine and autographed the bottle. Each person that purchased a book got a ticket to be in the drawing for the bottle of wine. Our winner at the Waynesville signing was THRILLED!

The last thing I organized was a gift basket with each of the give away items, a t-shirt the rack cards etc. I organized the stuff into a dollar tree basket and covered it in the shrink wrap that you heat with the hair drier.

I also bought a 12 pack of small water’s. I used avery.com and designed a water bottle label with my tag line and website on it.  I took the generic labels off the water bottles and put my special one on with rubber cement.

A couple weeks ahead of time I started getting the event posted on all the community calendars. I created a press packet for the book store to control press releases and emailed it to my contact person at the individual stores.  In your press packet you should have: 1. jpeg of the book cover suitable for print release in the papers. 2. Bio photo with the same. 3. Blurb for the book 4. bio 5. buy links if you have them and certainly web site address.

The book store handling the press releases to local print media was helpful.  However, I arranged events on Facebook to make sure everyone that might be local could hear about the event.  I did the press release for local NPR to announce. I also contacted every local list that I’m a member of through Ya’hoo and told them about the event. My friends at church, Franklin Friends, The Alps professional women, All those social groups that I participate with.

I invited friends in person. I really promoted the event a lot.  I also received good press over it.  There were web releases at both book store websites, their FB pages, both Waynesville papers, the Sylva paper, and a guide magazine of events.


The coverage was great and worth a lot.


I had dropped off ten copies of the book a few days before the signing so they could process them into their system.  The organization would be the only source that guests would purchase the book, I would then sign it so we kept a clear count.

I chose some passages to read from the book. We got everything set up.  The book store handled setting up the chairs.

So on the day of the event we set up. I had a table in the back for signing. I decided what my autograph would be. I wanted to sign in red ink.  I chose clothes that would be professional. I had a helper have guests print their name; email and zip code on the back of old business cards that were outdated by my new ones. This way I had names to build my mailing list and a way to draw winners for the give away items I’d organized.

I also purchased several small festive wine glasses from Dollar Tree. I stuffed a bright piece of tissue paper into the glass and filled it with Hershey Kisses. I used these as thank you gifts for the clerks at the book store who were assigned to help me host the event and one for the book store owner. They were touched. They said no one had ever done anything like that for them before.  I thought it was a nice gesture.


I read a few passages from the book about 20 minutes worth. I tried to give a flavor of the main protagonists, some of the humor, some of the sexual tension. I interacted with the guests in answering questions.  I also printed out eight by tens of my other upcoming covers. I was blessed that Rebel Ink Press was releasing “Shifter’s Legacy” the same day so I showed that cover and talked about the series. I showed the cover for “Emma’s New Year”. I also have a free read that is part of the “Drakins of Wyrmarach” series – “Dragon Betrayal” I leaked that cover and the cover to the upcoming “Dragon Emergence”. These covers haven’t been seen on the internet and were special teasers for the participants of the Book Release Party.

I really enjoyed this opportunity. It was a clear sunny Sat afternoon. There was a lot competing against me. I didn’t have a great turn out. However, I did sell four books. I got some fantastic advertisement. I probably spent about 40$ combined for the two events. That’s not counting the pop up banner or the posters of the covers.

I am hoping to have a better turn out at the Sylva location at City Lights Book Store because it will be on a Fri night at 6:30. We’ll have to see.

Now a few days after the event, I am mailing out a thank you card to the owner in appreciation for hosting me for the “Release Party”


Lessons Learned in Direct Publication: The Advanced Reader’s Copy

I’m putting myself out here pretty vulnerable today. I’ve been working very hard on my first direct publication release. I can’t tell you the countless hours I have spent editing, (my partner has spent, my critique partner has spent, … get the idea.  Lots of people…lots of read through time, out loud and on the screen.)

Now I want to preface this by saying that this Direct Publication project is actually my eighth release. The previous titles were handled through a publisher. So, I’m not the new kid on the block but still in my toddler-hood of publishing.

I couldn’t resist taking a peek and reading some of the finally published book last night. Imagine my horrrrrrification when I found an error, and another, and another. Little things perhaps, huge in my mind. My baby has a flaw. It’s not perfect, it’s freakin messed UP!~

Oh what it done is done. What can I do now. Learn from it is the best advice I can give myself.

First off I am going to fix the errors.

Next, learn that no matter how many times I’ve edited…me and my crew…there are going to be mistakes. Accept that as part of life. The Navaho create beautiful art and leave one tiny flaw on purpose so as to not mock the Gods…human’s aren’t perfect.

Second, never under estimate the value of advanced reader copy.

Perhaps I would have found those errors by printing the whole smole from the Create Space final proof.  Certainly if I had allowed time in my process to order one printed copy of the book to read one FINAL time myself, I would have found the errors.

Some how the words do look different in print compared to the computer screen.

If I had budgeted my time, planned better then those typo errors would have been found. Maybe? most of them? perhaps. But I let myself get pinched on the end. I took two weeks off when my daughter had a horrible motorcycle accident. That wasn’t in my time budget and it caused me to crimp things on the end.

I didn’t take the time….have the time…make the time… to order that final advanced readers copy. Now, I’m sad.

I’ve exposed myself here and made myself very transparent. I think it’s important to talk about those hard things.

So, learn form my mistake. I hope I do.

See my other articles on this wonderful creative process of direct publication:

Front Matter; Body; Scene Breaks; Headers/Footers; End Matter; Formatting for Kindle

A Baby is Born…Baby Book that is~!

So, on with the continuation of my story from last night.

I trip over this box on my front porch. Dragging in late from a perfect day of biking, massage and grocery shopping.  My baby had arrived. Since a picture is worth a thousand words. Go for it!

1970-02-12 15.11.02No Wait a minute. That’s my grandson from a couple years ago. (looking) Ah here it is.

2014-04-18 23.04.07The Postal Stork came through for me.

A full cover reveal is promised to Indy Book Fairy and Smart Girls Sci Fi. So you can’t see the baby “NAKED” until later.

2014-04-18 20.45.40Here are your teasers!

2014-04-18 21.25.14Be sure to drop by my Facebook page and check out my local Book Release Parties in May.

2014-04-18 20.51.16It is in fact a perfect day.

Production Schedule for 2014 – 2015

I’ve been buried under edits this month. I’m excited to release this production schedule for 2014 and 2015. I will release more than this I’m sure. However, this is what I have nailed down to deadlines as we speak.

These blurbs are in draft form at the moment. I’d love to hear comments about what you like in the blurb. Also what in the blurb might stop you from thinking you would like one of these stories. I will choose a random comment that I like to send a swag pack to with a lovely Facebook card on one of my titles and a cover trading card.

To Be Released in 2014

From Rebel Ink Press: “Shifter’s Legacy” a M/F/M Menage Erotic Paranormal Wolf Shifter Novella TBR 05/03/2014 Vol 4 in The Amethyst Desire Collection. Look for a Cover Preview in April. This cover is in it’s final edits. The story is with the editor and I am looking forward to a revision letter from them to put things in their final format.

Draft Blurb

Addison Barnes has loved Nathan since the moment she looked into the deep brown eyes of the injured grey wolf brought to her rescue facility and saw a human soul. Yet, the complications of the birth of their first child, demands of mothering and keeping her wolf rescue running leaves Addison feeling less like a sexy mate and more like a saggy mom. She’s frightened of the pervading consequences of their son Logan manifesting shape shifting abilities. She longs to regain her confidence and sexual vitality and carefree demeanor. She hires drifter Duncan Black to help with some of the more physical chores at the rescue Nathan doesn’t have time to accomplish. Duncan proves to be an attractive distraction.

Duncan’s life changed forever when he’s stranded in the quaint (er…hole in the wall) north Florida town for a part for his motorcycle. The chance meeting with Addison gives him the opportunity to earn a little cash and regroup before heading on to his next destination, somewhere else. Addison and her curvy little ass are a significant distraction to his fence building chores. With his own secret to hide, he’s not prepared to be swept into a whole different world. Covertly witnessing what seems to be a wolf turning into his boss, Duncan realizes the couple might hold the key to his own mystery.

Nathan Barnes struggles to unite his pack. Key to their future is whether his human wife can help him secure the next generation of shape shifting wolves through their offspring. Or will the shifter genetics be diluted by human ones? Duncan’s presence gives a much needed buffer from all the stress. Nathan purchases an amethyst pendant from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme as a gift of love for his beautiful wife. Sparks ignite as Nathan demonstrates to Addison the lengths he will go to for her happiness. Uncharacteristic of his Alpha possessiveness, he wants to fulfill Addison’s fantasy of a ménage with Duncan.

After weeks of handy man chores by day and lusting after Addison by night, Duncan doesn’t want to resist the offer of a weekend threesome. Planning to leave after their weekend of carnal debauchery anyway what could it matter?

“Emma’s New Year” a F/F Erotic Contemporary Romance Novellette TBR 07/03/2014 Vol 5 in The Amethyst Desire Collection. Cover Reveal coming in June. This cover is also in final edits with the graphic artist over at Rebel Ink Press. I will be looking for a special place to do the cover reveal.

Draft Blurb

Convinced to ring in the New Year at a gay club with a lesbian friend, straight girl Emma Reed gets a little more than she expects when she meets El Westin. Maybe there was something magical about that Amethyst necklace she’d borrowed for the night. Or perhaps her resistance was lowered by the fruity concoction, Hawaiian Iced Tea, she’d been drinking. Her immediate attraction to El sent up fireworks and it wasn’t even midnight. Would one night of wild sex be the start of a New Year, New life for them both or end up being just another big mistake.

5 More releases for “The Amethyst Desire Collection” over the course of 2014 and 2015 to complete the collection. What kinds of stories would you find fun to round out this series. I have sketched out blurbs for four of the five. They would be seasonal holiday stories: Halloween F/F; Thanksgiving M/M; Christmas Menage F/F/M; Valentines Menage M/F/M with some M/M/F scenes;  Perhaps a summer time story? OHHH maybe something at the beach for the very last story. And have the necklace get lost forever in the sea. After ten stories…maybe it needs to be LOST FOREVER in the sea. Awww darn that wouldn’t work. I’d just write a mermaid story then about finding the dang thing. LOL

Direct Publication Projects

Drakins of Wyrmarach

Draft Blurb

Bad-boy twins, Ethan and Caleb Monroe are exiled by Drakin society because of their defective Dragon form, two heads are unacceptable. They’ve gotten used to breaking rules to help their world. Their sensory powers draw them to Cathwren Aldridge, the one woman they could both love, just in time to save her from harm. Much to their surprise, she’s the lost descendent of Wyrmarach’s Dragon Guardian and rightful heir to the title. They have to break the oldest custom of all, risking everything on the chance to awaken ‘Wren’s’ powers and rekindle the magic of the Drakin’s world.

Wren came to the small North Florida town to enjoy a quiet life running her shop, Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme. Now Wren’s on the run from ancient enemies who want to kill her and the ‘Watchers’ who think she should be secluded in a Temple communing with the Goddess. The whole thing sounds like a bizarre SyFy movie. Yet something is happening, unleashing feelings she can’t deny, feelings that urge her to push the boundaries of pleasure, feelings that whisper she’s something more than ordinary. Her conscience wages war with emotions urging her to climb in bed with these two very sexy dragon shifters and stay there.

The trio embarks on a hunt to uncover and eliminate the threat against Wren’s birthright. Will their people accept such a deformed dragon as Kings.   Can such a closed society accept a human as Guardian and Queen?  Together they struggle to claim their shared destiny as Dragon Guardian of WyrmArach and Monarchs of the Realm.

“Dragon Guardian” a M/F/M Menage Erotic Paranormal Dragon Shifter Novel. Vol 1 Drakins of Wyrmarach TBR 05/03/2014 Cover Reveal coming in April. I have the cover on this baby and it is (singing) Awe-SOME. A fantastic cover created by Hot Damn Designs. I’ve made it into a poster so I can look at it every day. The same poster will be on display at the two author events I’ve scheduled in the Western North Carolina Area. May 3rd Blue Ridge Books on Main Street Waynesville, NC at 3pm and at City Lights Book Store in Sylvia, NC on Friday, May 16th, 2014 at 6:30pm. There will be swag and wonderful drawings for attendees. I will offer a bottle of Menage De Trois wine autographed label as a door prize drawing to one lucky purchaser of “Dragon Guardian” at each event. At City Lights we will be enjoying wine and chocolate while I read an excerpt, sign books and visit with guests. Planning the activities for the Blue Ridge Books event are underway.

Draft Blurb

Wren, Cathwren Aldridge, is catapulted into steamy relationship with twin brothers Ethan and Caleb Monroe quite by accident when she falls through her stairs. She discovers nothing is what is seems and she may be Goddess forordained for more. Not Queen of some small European country but a world in another dimension, a world of dragon shapeshifters.

Evil stalks her, and it’s up to Caleb and Ethan Monroe to protect her while they figure out just what she is, Human, Dragon or something much more. Is she the one they’ve hoped for to unite them in their journey to the throne? Or will the strangeness of the truths they tell her drive her onto a path of self discovery leaving them bound to a woman they can never have, The Dragon Guardian.

“Dragon Betrayal” a M/F Erotic Paranormal Dragon shifter novellette Vol 1.5 Drakins of Wyrmarach TBR 06/03/2014 Cover Reveal coming in May. I have the cover for this lovely as well, created by Toby-by-Design. It is Fabulous! This novellette will be offered as a free read yes FREE READ. It will have some more hot menage sex with Wren, Caleb and Ethan of course. However, there will also be insight into the Knights of Druiere’ and their holy quest. Dirk is the hero of his own story of course. And a Betrayer is revealed to the reader.

“Dragon Mark” Vol 2 Drakins of Wyrmarach M/F/M Menage Erotic Paranormal Dragon Shifter Novel. Cover contract with Hot Damn Designs

“Dragon Kings” Vol 3 Drakins of Wyrmarach M/F/M Menage Erotic Paranormal Dragon Shifter Novel. Cover contract with Hot Damn Designs

Toby-by-Design will be creating a cover for one more direct publication project. I’m debating on what to write for this story. Something that ties into world I’ve created with the Dragons, or a totally different project.  Oh the endless possibilities.

What a Joyous, Appreciate A Dragon Day

I appreciate dragons. I really do. I would venture to say I LOVE dragons. I have a wall shelf of dragon statues, dragon art. I’ve been called a dragon by x’es who shall remain nameless. Like an award show, the list is much too long. I will admit to some dragonic traits.

2014-01-16 11.27.20

Which calls to thought the concept that even the villain is the hero of his own story. Dragon Guardian isn’t without a heinous villain. This bad guy first made his appearance in “Dar’kind Promises” when he abducted Maura. That segment in time overlaps the action in “Dragon Guardian” (TBR May, 2014)

What do you think of this baddie?

Draft Excerpt.

Damn, for something so soft and thin, this hide was resilient. By appearance, the skin should part like hot butter. The harsh hacking sound of the skin ripping echoed through the cavernous room. The hide fought the knife like reinforced Kevlar. Maybe  the blade was too dull. He had to remove a large enough piece to discover the hidden secrets. The smaller pieces so far hadn’t revealed their magic.

Working always helped him think to sharpen the analytical edge of his scientific mind. He concentrated on his task as the icor and blood coated his gloved hands, pouring from the shallow slicing wounds to channel down the sides of the great beast and puddle on the floor. The monstrous creature’s body remained stretched and pinned by low frequency sound-waves interlaced with a heavy base throb. The right frequency pitch incapacitated the brute, a quite effective restraint with the help of pig iron chain, when experiments required direct hands-on contact. The wretched creature moaned between screams of rage and pain while he worked at peeling a bath sheet-sized swath of skin from the large dragon’s body.

There Be Dragons Here – Appreciate A Dragon Day Celebration

Dragons are opinionated, bossy and uncooperative. As a rule they tend toward the crafty and manipulative spectrum of personality traits. They are never wrong and seldom ask for directions.

Ethan and Caleb have no idea what they are in for when they meet Cathwren. She is quite unexpected and puts their well ordered, albeit if unsatisfactory, life in a blender.

2014-01-16 11.27.00

Excerpt draft:

Caleb stood at the door and jiggled the handle he already knew was locked. The shock of the morning’s events had taken their toll. His thoughts were Swiss cheese “It’s locked.”

Ethan’s mental tone didn’t communicate any of his outward calm. Genius, of course it’s still locked. The keys probably went flying when she fell.

Caleb turned to take her from Ethan arms and free him to jimmy the lock. Ethan, you’ll have to break in.

“Don’t you dare break my doors.” They both froze at her command. Of course, she could still hear their mental dialogue. The emotional claiming was so fresh, that psychic pathway remained wide open between them. She might not even realize she was privy to their thoughts and heard it as if spoken aloud.

I searched months for those doors, carted them all the way back from Orlando, refinished them myself. Might as well rip my heart out and stomp it into the pavement. How dare you consider breaking my doors down… you big…big oafs?

Caleb flooded by  her memory of the countless hours she’d spent searching for the double doors that would provide the entrance to her world, Salynne’s. Additional untold hours spent stripping and refinishing the doors to their former beauty. Her joy in the treasure was immeasurable.

“I have the key.” She opened her right hand, revealing the keys and various deep cuts they’d made across her palm from gripping them during the fall.

Ethan narrowed his gaze staring at the places where the keys sliced into her skin gouging through the flesh of her hand. Caleb concentrated on tempering his brother’s energy as he vibrated with helpless anger.

Ethan’s eyes bored into his, sparks of fury igniting their brown depths. He growled. “I promise you, Caleb, if it’s within my power, the person who hurt our mate is going to suffer.”

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons. It’s National Appreciate A Dragon Day

Because humans are crunchy and good to eat.

Ever wonder about those pesky dragons of the middle ages? Where did they come from?

Well of course they were shape shifters from the other side of the veil. Yes, intelligent dragons shifters from Wyrmarach over here on holiday so to speak. It didn’t end well.

There are still dragons among us. They’re doing a better job of remaining an invisible subculture. It wouldn’t do to have a dragon the size of a bus pop out in the air over Chicago now would it?

Ethan and Caleb are Enforcers sent here to make sure their kind stay hidden from humans.

Drakins of Wyrmarach

vol 1 Dragon Guardian (TBR May 3, 2014)

Draft exerpt:

Caleb Monroe shook the antique doors of Salynne’s Crystals & Thyme, a new age curiosities and notions shop. The business hours proclaimed in bold black letters that the store should have opened half an hour ago. The sign made a metallic ping against the windowed double frame as Caleb rattled the knob again. The sharp sound echoed a counterpoint to the psychic vibration, which annoyed him since dawn. The heavy walnut door wobbled but didn’t budge.

Caleb turned to his brother. “Ethan, any special reason we’re at a new age trinket shop.”

“Would you go for early Christmas shopping.” Ethan exuded a capable calm air Caleb sometimes found reassuring, but today it pressed all his ir-ri-tate-the-crap-outa-me buttons. He’d been growling at his identical twin since daybreak.

Caleb turned on his heel and snorted. “Riigghtt.” He stalked the real estate in front of the store, brushing past planters of green growing things. The clean aroma of herbs floated up from the container gardens failed to ease his rising agitation. He paused to scan the street. An uneasy tingle of premonition radiated up the short hairs of his neck. Something wasn’t right. Something really bad was close to happening, something cataclysmic bad, something in the realm of the mother-of-all-bad.

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