Lessons Learned in Direct Publication – Front Matter

In a review of currently published books I learned a couple of things to apply to my own direct publication project.

I looked at quite a few copies of books for sale at my local book store. So for the purpose of this article we will be talking about books in print and the summation of what I saw when thinking about style and formatting.

First off the results of my review of front matter at the beginning of the book. Many of the books would lead off with  a pre-title page with the series name and the particular volume name on it as the right hand facing page. The back of that page would be a page listing other books by the author on the back of the page or left side page. Often that would contain the copyright and the ISBN numbers at the bottom.

The next page or two often had some words of praise for past work by the author, set up front and back or right facing and then turned…left facing.

Next came the main title page with author and often a publisher seal at the bottom. Those title pages are right facing. The back of that page now left or back side would contain all the disclaimers, notes, copyright penalty etc. along with a note of cover design credit and then the edition number.

The next right facing page is acknowledgements and comments of a sort. The back of that page left facing is left blank on purpose.

I had need of a glossary of words and terms with my book being a paranormal so I placed that next covering the right facing page and the back of it…left facing page.

This varied a little bit but next I put a Dedication page right facing and the back of it left blank on purpose.

This was the end of the front matter. The body of the manuscript started after this with Chapter one.

I will have future articles that discuss the things I learned about formatting the body of the manuscript; how to handle scene breaks; headers and footers; end matter, the value of Advanced Readers Copy and additionally how to format for Kindle.