Lessons Learned in Direct Publication – Headers/Footers

I’ve been discussing all the things I’ve learned in the course of formatting my manuscript for direct publication in print. I’ve discussed Front Matter; The Body of the Manuscript; How to handle Scene Breaks.  The value of Advanced Readers Copy shouldn’t be overlooked.

I was slightly familiar with Headers and Footers but I didn’t know quite how that might apply to my manuscript.

What I did notice in my review of books out there for sale pertaining to headers and footers might seem confusing. Lets start with page numbers. The page numbers can be at the top of the page or at the bottom they can be centered or on the outside corner of the page. They are not usually on the inside corner of the pages. Wherever they are they are contained in the headers at the top or footers at the bottom.

I placed mine in the center of the bottom of the page…In the footer. I found a cool symbol that tied in with the theme of my manuscript to use around the page number. It was part of the footer set up application.

That left my Header tool (top of the page) to use for other purposes. I programmed it to print my manuscript title on the even pages and my author name on the odd pages. The lettering font was different from the manuscript text but the same choice as the page numbers at the bottom. Nice crisp and clear in capital letters. I chose the Calibri 10pt font for this purpose.

Its able to be programmed for different information on the even pages vs the odd pages. That’s how I could do the title on one and the name on the other.

I will be talking about End Matter next and then more about formatting for Kindle.