Lessons Learned In Direct Publication: The Body

Last time I discussed how to handle Front Matter in formatting your manuscript for Direct publication to print. Continuing on with that theme. The body of the manuscript. I learned a whole lot about MS-Word in the process of this project. One of the most interesting things was about “Style”. Setting up the “Style” tabs for various parts of your manuscript builds the table of contents automatically. It also allows you to make global changes with a couple of clicks. The third advantage is being able to move around the manuscript from the headings bar on the left with one click. IT is a beautiful thing!!

I set up one “Style” Tab for my chapter headings. It allows me to program how many spaces down the page it will appear. How many lines between the heading and the body of the text. I can set the size and choice of font as well as placement. I set up another style for the body of the manuscript text. I was also able to program at what level I wanted the various “styles” to set out at.

The next thing I noticed from my earlier review of books in print was the way the manuscript was handled within the body of text. At the beginning of each chapter there were several words emphasized in a different font.  I liked the look of the Copperplate Gothic light.

More later about how to handle scene breaks, the headers/footers for formatting a manuscript and the end matter, the value of Advanced Readers Copy and getting everything ready for Kindle.