Dragons, Dragons, Dragons. It’s National Appreciate A Dragon Day

Because humans are crunchy and good to eat.

Ever wonder about those pesky dragons of the middle ages? Where did they come from?

Well of course they were shape shifters from the other side of the veil. Yes, intelligent dragons shifters from Wyrmarach over here on holiday so to speak. It didn’t end well.

There are still dragons among us. They’re doing a better job of remaining an invisible subculture. It wouldn’t do to have a dragon the size of a bus pop out in the air over Chicago now would it?

Ethan and Caleb are Enforcers sent here to make sure their kind stay hidden from humans.

Drakins of Wyrmarach

vol 1 Dragon Guardian (TBR May 3, 2014)

Draft exerpt:

Caleb Monroe shook the antique doors of Salynne’s Crystals & Thyme, a new age curiosities and notions shop. The business hours proclaimed in bold black letters that the store should have opened half an hour ago. The sign made a metallic ping against the windowed double frame as Caleb rattled the knob again. The sharp sound echoed a counterpoint to the psychic vibration, which annoyed him since dawn. The heavy walnut door wobbled but didn’t budge.

Caleb turned to his brother. “Ethan, any special reason we’re at a new age trinket shop.”

“Would you go for early Christmas shopping.” Ethan exuded a capable calm air Caleb sometimes found reassuring, but today it pressed all his ir-ri-tate-the-crap-outa-me buttons. He’d been growling at his identical twin since daybreak.

Caleb turned on his heel and snorted. “Riigghtt.” He stalked the real estate in front of the store, brushing past planters of green growing things. The clean aroma of herbs floated up from the container gardens failed to ease his rising agitation. He paused to scan the street. An uneasy tingle of premonition radiated up the short hairs of his neck. Something wasn’t right. Something really bad was close to happening, something cataclysmic bad, something in the realm of the mother-of-all-bad.

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