Appreciate A Dragon Day

The Day of the Dragons. How could I resist? Especially after reading about monster erotica being the new rage. I shakes muh head.

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To celebrate I’m releasing a wee snippet of my work in progress Dragon Guardian vol 1 of Drakins of Wyrmarach.

DRAFT: Back Story and Set up for the Book.

Many generations ago, a class division erupted in Drakin society resulting in the Arach human to dragon shifter clan becoming the ruling power and the Wyrm dragon to human shifter clan becoming response driven animals, muscle behind the power. The joint distinction faded through the passage of time to become WyrmArach and then Wyrmarach a bastardization pronounced Were March. The significance of the joined name is lost on the inhabitants, their history faded. The Dragon Guardian emerged as spiritual leader of the two halves, bringing the voice of the Goddess to balance the two energies in peaceful co-existence.

Their world is separated from ours by a wide gulf of difference protected by the veil. A world mired in history where nothing is allowed to change. Order reigns under the guidance of an autocratic matriarch with a very specific view of acceptable moral citizenry and a firm grasp on maintaining her power.   A bitter Queen whose mind set is so oppressive her own sons were banished as defective and an embarrassment which might threaten her rule.

Ethan and Caleb Monroe are in a word, unusual. They live among us in exile, charged with enforcing the barrier between our worlds, keeping their dimension and Drakin society hidden. The Queen dictated their exile to ensure there would not be another fiasco like the middle dark ages when dragons though they could go and come through the veil as they pleased.

A messiah is needed to usher in a new Drakin era in Wyrmarach one of understanding and tolerance. Where can salvation be found? The curtain between worlds is thinning tempting some to look to Earth Dimension for answers. Wouldn’t it be unusual if salvation rested in the hands of a somewhat ordinary human named Cathwren, who turns out to not be very ordinary at all.

Drakins of Wyrmarach

vol 1 Dragon Guardian’

vol 2 Dragon Mark

Vol 3 Dragon Kings

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