There Be Dragons Here – Appreciate A Dragon Day Celebration

Dragons are opinionated, bossy and uncooperative. As a rule they tend toward the crafty and manipulative spectrum of personality traits. They are never wrong and seldom ask for directions.

Ethan and Caleb have no idea what they are in for when they meet Cathwren. She is quite unexpected and puts their well ordered, albeit if unsatisfactory, life in a blender.

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Excerpt draft:

Caleb stood at the door and jiggled the handle he already knew was locked. The shock of the morning’s events had taken their toll. His thoughts were Swiss cheese “It’s locked.”

Ethan’s mental tone didn’t communicate any of his outward calm. Genius, of course it’s still locked. The keys probably went flying when she fell.

Caleb turned to take her from Ethan arms and free him to jimmy the lock. Ethan, you’ll have to break in.

“Don’t you dare break my doors.” They both froze at her command. Of course, she could still hear their mental dialogue. The emotional claiming was so fresh, that psychic pathway remained wide open between them. She might not even realize she was privy to their thoughts and heard it as if spoken aloud.

I searched months for those doors, carted them all the way back from Orlando, refinished them myself. Might as well rip my heart out and stomp it into the pavement. How dare you consider breaking my doors down… you big…big oafs?

Caleb flooded by  her memory of the countless hours she’d spent searching for the double doors that would provide the entrance to her world, Salynne’s. Additional untold hours spent stripping and refinishing the doors to their former beauty. Her joy in the treasure was immeasurable.

“I have the key.” She opened her right hand, revealing the keys and various deep cuts they’d made across her palm from gripping them during the fall.

Ethan narrowed his gaze staring at the places where the keys sliced into her skin gouging through the flesh of her hand. Caleb concentrated on tempering his brother’s energy as he vibrated with helpless anger.

Ethan’s eyes bored into his, sparks of fury igniting their brown depths. He growled. “I promise you, Caleb, if it’s within my power, the person who hurt our mate is going to suffer.”

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