What a Joyous, Appreciate A Dragon Day

I appreciate dragons. I really do. I would venture to say I LOVE dragons. I have a wall shelf of dragon statues, dragon art. I’ve been called a dragon by x’es who shall remain nameless. Like an award show, the list is much too long. I will admit to some dragonic traits.

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Which calls to thought the concept that even the villain is the hero of his own story. Dragon Guardian isn’t without a heinous villain. This bad guy first made his appearance in “Dar’kind Promises” when he abducted Maura. That segment in time overlaps the action in “Dragon Guardian” (TBR May, 2014)

What do you think of this baddie?

Draft Excerpt.

Damn, for something so soft and thin, this hide was resilient. By appearance, the skin should part like hot butter. The harsh hacking sound of the skin ripping echoed through the cavernous room. The hide fought the knife like reinforced Kevlar. Maybe  the blade was too dull. He had to remove a large enough piece to discover the hidden secrets. The smaller pieces so far hadn’t revealed their magic.

Working always helped him think to sharpen the analytical edge of his scientific mind. He concentrated on his task as the icor and blood coated his gloved hands, pouring from the shallow slicing wounds to channel down the sides of the great beast and puddle on the floor. The monstrous creature’s body remained stretched and pinned by low frequency sound-waves interlaced with a heavy base throb. The right frequency pitch incapacitated the brute, a quite effective restraint with the help of pig iron chain, when experiments required direct hands-on contact. The wretched creature moaned between screams of rage and pain while he worked at peeling a bath sheet-sized swath of skin from the large dragon’s body.

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