Dar’kind Promises – Secret Thirteen

Is something I’ve written every really finished? I edit each piece I write, extensively. My critique partner goes through the work and gives me feed back and her thoughts. I edit again. I would guess I have probably been through Dar’kind Promises at least a hundred and fifty times editing. I let it rest and edit some more with fresh eyes. I make probably twenty passes working on format and tweaking words. When I send it off to the editor I feel like I’ve done my best to make it finished. Then she goes through and makes her edits. I receive her comments and I go through the piece again addressing things she has noted. I often find things at that time that I edit some more. Is it finished yet?

At some point you just have to stop and send it. But No, it probably isn’t really finished. I have to let it go. Even now I’ve seen a couple things while I’m preparing these articles. A word here or there. A thought that I should have developed a concept a little more. Perhaps, I didn’t address something clear enough.

The secret is, I don’t think I am ever completely satisfied with the work. I just let go.

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