Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twelve

Dar’kind Fairy Wings are very different. They are shaped like a butterfly but translucent like a dragon fly.


They can be flexible and floaty or stretched tight and rigid. The individual controls the firmness of the wings in response to need and mood. The amount of blood in the channels of the wing membranes controls their texture.  When a fairy needs to fly the wings have to be very tight and rigid.  Yet when they are relaxed the wings can drape and float around their body.

When I was creating the book trailer for Dar’kind Promises I needed a model with fair wings.

color dark haired fairy)

My daughter is a photographer and has Lynn Marcello Photography. She helped me with some of the photographs.

Fairy back dark hair)

Take a look at the book trailer and see what you think of the final result.

Dar’kind Promises Book Trailer

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