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Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twelve

Dar’kind Fairy Wings are very different. They are shaped like a butterfly but translucent like a dragon fly.


They can be flexible and floaty or stretched tight and rigid. The individual controls the firmness of the wings in response to need and mood. The amount of blood in the channels of the wing membranes controls their texture.  When a fairy needs to fly the wings have to be very tight and rigid.  Yet when they are relaxed the wings can drape and float around their body.

When I was creating the book trailer for Dar’kind Promises I needed a model with fair wings.

color dark haired fairy)

My daughter is a photographer and has Lynn Marcello Photography. She helped me with some of the photographs.

Fairy back dark hair)

Take a look at the book trailer and see what you think of the final result.

Dar’kind Promises Book Trailer

Dar’kind Promises – Secret Ten

We are up to the tenth secret already. I hope you have enjoyed the secrets revealed. Have you been surprised by anything so far?

For today. All fairies have wings don’t they?

I would think so. Yet, we couldn’t have Maura walking around Earth Dimension with wings fluttering. Could we? So Verucca had to meddle there too.  She spelled Maura’s wings with Magic. Her wings retracted into her body to remain hidden. Unfortunately, the flaw to the plan was that when Maura got wet her wings would emerge. That’s fine if you are alone in the shower.  It’s a little cramped when you get caught in the rain.


Maura slipped her key out of her pocket and quietly stalked closer, her senses on high alert guarded against a trap. The young female seemed harmless enough. She watched the woman a moment more before slipping up to her. A shiver shook the girl. As she shuddered, she looked up, noticing Maura in the shadows for the first time. Wretchedness shown from her eyes in a look pleading for the kindness of simple human compassion. At least, that was how Maura chose to interpret it.

She made a quick decision that might become her undoing. She would have to hide her cramped tangled wings until she could get dry and they would recede again. She opened the door and pushed it wide. The stale smell of cheap motel drifted from the room. “Come inside out of the weather. I can spare you shelter for the night, until this storm clears.”

The woman struggled to stand, stiff and cold from huddling on the doorstep. How long had she been there? Maura slipped in under her shoulder and supported her into the room. The décor mimicked early junk, walls painted a flat yellow. Maura couldn’t get past how similar the color of the walls and baby Batura excrement.

Chilled stone cold, nearing hypothermic, the woman allowed herself to be led into the warmth of the room. Maura kicked the door shut and pulled the blanket from the bed as they stumbled by. She wrapped the blanket around the woman, seating her on the toilet seat. Next, she flipped on the shower full force. One positive benefit the rundown roadside eyesore of a motel possessed a generosity of hot water.

Looking at her guest trussed up in the blanket, her skin still had an unhealthy shade of clammy blue.

“We both need to get warm. I don’t think this is a time to worry about the details of how.”

Goddess, she wanted to let her wings stretch out to dry. Maura wanted to shed her wet clothes but couldn’t risk the woman’s reaction to her otherworldliness. Translucent wings erupting from her shoulder blades could not be explained. They’d have to stay cramped a while longer. The urgency of the moment to get the young woman warm in the shower would have to be excuse enough for Maura to stay clothed.