Dar’kind Promises – Secret Eighteen

The Town.

The setting for this story is identified as a small town in rural North Florida. It has not been named in any published work yet. Where is this little oasis of paranormal wonder you ask? I guess I have hesitated to call the town by it’s real name and I haven’t settled on its fictitious name yet.

Here are the clues. It is about 45 minutes west of Jacksonville. It is about 45 minutes north of Gainesville. Two major highways run from the east to the west through the town. Half the county is federal forest. i.e. a small rural town in North Florida. LOL. There are shops on main street through town. The apartments and stores are made up.  None of the characters in my stories resemble any of the real people who live in that town. The characters are totally invented.

This small rural town is the location of Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme and Thompson, Thornton, and Castellano, Attorneys at Law featured in another story. Can you name that story?


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