Dar’kind Promises – Secret Nineteen

The Dragon Guardian is mentioned in Dar’kind Promises. Just who is the Dragon Guardian and what is the significance. She is on the fringe of the story. The villian talks of her and has plans for her.

As the events of Dar’kind Promises unfold the Dragon Guardian is being revealed. Isobeau recognized her some time ago and has been keeping an eye on her to keep her safe. Isobeau is one of the “Watchers” Alas, a secret for another day. Suffice it to say, the watchers have kept the Guardian hidden and safe while she has grown to womanhood. They might not be able to keep her safe much longer. Naturally, the young guardian has no idea she’s being watched and guarded. Cathwren comes from a powerful heritage. Will she live long enough to learn to control her emerging powers?

Wren and Isobeau are friends. Isobeau reads tarot cards at Wren’s shop once a week for clients. Wren is going to have a disasterous date with a man she and Isobeau have nicknamed “Stinking Ron”. Wren’s life is getting ready to change. She has a heritage she doesn’t know about and a destiny she hasn’t chosen.

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