Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty

Isobeau is featured as the confidant. She is The Healer. She will help Maura and Zelia in Dar’kind Promises. She has been the protector for Wren in (W/T) Dragon’s Mark. She will be Kiernan’s Love in (W/T) Dragon’s Soul. She is a significant character who will later lead to the discovery of Ardith in Dragon’s Soul.

Her voice is described this way: “Izzy’s voice made you feel good all over. She explained her warn and unusual accent as a combination of native tribal mother and Scottish father.” by Wren. She has long dark hair that falls in waves around her shoulders and back. She has a certain gypsy quality of mystery and freedom.

She is one of the Dragon race and sister to the Royal Twins, Ethan and Caleb. Not many people know that. Isobeau holds her own secret as well.  She has been labeled a recessive. That’s how she was accepted into the Watchers. Her recessive trait is also why when she is taken back to WyrmArach she is sentenced to be given as a pleasure slave. What they don’t know is Isobeau can transform. Like her brothers her transformation is unique and so unusual it must remain hidden forever rather than reveal the abomination she is. Some call her a witch. Some call her a freak.

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