Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-one

The Watchers. A real secret society.

The Watchers arose from recessive dragon shifters. They have no dragon form causing them to be rejected by their own people. These few have escaped Wyrmarach for the Earth Dimension. They’ve formed a tenuous alliance with the Dragon Enforcers to keep the veil intact against dragon shifters escaping to Earth. When you are trying to keep a race secret it is not wise to have dragons the size of buses flying over head. They’ve occupied themselves with orchestrating a secret underground railroad to aid in the escape of other recessives from the oppression of the Queen.

The royal princes have been cast out of their world by their queen mother because they are considered freaks. Their transformation is said to be an abomination. They police the veil, independent of the Watchers. It is an uneasy alliance at best. They hunt any rogue dragons that mange to slip through to the Earth Dimension.

For generations the Watchers have “Watched”. They’ve observed for so long most have forgotten what they’ve really watched and waited for. Only a few know they wait for the rise of The Dragon Guardian.

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