Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-two

The Time Table. The events of Dar’kind Promises happen within a couple of days of each other.  Several stories are meshed together and I thought you might be interested in how the stories fit together within a time line.

Isobeau has been watching and protecting the Dragon Guardian. (future W/T Dragon’s Mark)

Maura finds the Indigo Dragon and sets a spelled portal for someone of his kind to find him.

Zeila and Maura find refuge at Isobeau’s home. We meet Rhys and Haydn (future w/t) Dragon’s Unbound.

Maura and Zelia reveal information to Isobeau about the villian the morning of their rescue, right before Isobeau calls Wren to check on her after her date from the previous night.

Wren’s story begins. It is fall before Samhain. (W/T Dragon’s Mark)

Day 1 of Wren’s story in (W/T) Dragon’s Mark – Raynia Castellano of Raynia’s Magic purchases something from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme while Caleb is acting as clerk and Ethan is outside the shop working on a carpentry project. Wren is outside talking to Ethan.

Day 2 of Dragon’s Mark – Kiernan is rescued. That evening Dragon’s Unbound begins with Rhys and Haydn

(W/T) Dragon’s Soul events occur.

The following Spring – Beverly’s Secret takes place

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