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Welcome to Jane Wakely today for Author Spotlight. I’m delighted to have Jane here to talk about her most recent project and herself as an author. Those who read all the way through the post will have a reward (potential) at the end. 

Jane Wakely (Author Bio)

Jane has always been a writer. Even when she took a break from it for a few years, she couldn’t keep the stories from filling her head. As an avid romance reader, she finally decided her stories needed to be free, and she started writing again.

Reading and liking all genres of romance; it makes sense that she would write that way too. Her stories range from sweet to erotic, contemporary to paranormal, and a bunch in-between. She loves all romance genres, and all levels of spice.

Jane lives on the east coast of the United States with her loving husband, daughter and their Miniature Dachshund.

 1. Who is your favorite character in this book and why? 

If I have to choose a favorite, then I choose Matt. The reason is because I sympathize with him the most. In this series, shifters are incredibly lonely until they meet “the one.” The potential to let despair take over their lives is sometimes overpowering for a shifter. Matt tries to stay positive, keeps looking and most important, keeps living, despite his loneliness.

2. What inspires you for your stories?

Usually other books inspire me! I try to create stories that my readers love to read—just like many authors have done for me!

3. Tell us something no one else knows about you. 

Hmmm…well something very few people know is I’m afraid of large bodies of water. Swimming pools are fine, but oceans, lakes, etc…No thanks!

4. What genre classification would you put on your book and what would you consider the heat level of the romance?

Jenn’s Wolf is a Paranormal/Shifter Romance with a heat level of 2/3!

5. When did you start writing and what kicked off your passion to be an author?

A long time ago…I started writing! LOL I always wanted to be an author, but instead of pursuing my dream, I let it go for almost 20 years! Then one day I got tired of creating great stories in my head and decided to write them down again!

My new release:

Jenn's Wolf Cover

Title: Jenn’s Wolf


Jenn is used to being overlooked by men. She’s short, slim, shy and her past keeps her guarded against others—especially men. It also gets her labeled as having a “good personality.” When she sees Matt for the first time, she realizes he’s the first man she’s willing to take a chance on.

Matt is a wolf shifter worried that he’ll never find his mate. Without a mate, a shifter’s life is incredibly drawn-out and lonely. Willing to try anything, he agrees to a blind date with Jenn and is stunned to find out she’s the one.

A misunderstanding interrupts their first night together and leaves them both miserable. After determining she may have overreacted, Jenn apologizes and they agree to start over. When Matt tells her about his wolf, she has to decide whether to trust her heart or run from the only man she’s ever wanted.


When Christina left, Jenn continued to ogle the tantalizing man. No one had stirred her like he did in a long time. The thought of a chance with him made her want to cancel tomorrow’s blind date and wear a sign that said she was available for a night of fun. Jenn had no idea what had come over her, she never approached guys or even made blatant plays for their attention.

Jenn knew that her short stature combined with her trim body that lacked curves and boobs was not appealing to men in the least. While she had a pretty face, she’d been told one too many times she had a great personality as well. Finding a man to be more than a friend was very difficult. Of course, she’d dated and had sex, but the men never stayed for long, always moving on to someone with more beauty, grace, style and curves.

She wanted to meet the man across the bar and the thought of approaching him crossed her mind. Normally she’d trash the idea immediately, but something about him made her feel braver than usual. If he separated himself from his friends and she acted quickly, maybe she could at least see him up close and say hello.

Jenn knew if she shared her plan, Christina would help her. Glancing to her friend, she noticed Christina was about to pass the group when the hot guy Jenn had her eye on turned, said something to Christina, then wrapped his arms around her friend and kissed her.

Deflated, Jenn watched the couple as their lips met and met again. It was more than a simple peck and though their arms and hands didn’t roam, she could tell when their tongues did. Jealousy overwhelmed her and she pushed it down as she looked away.



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