Marketing for Authors – One

One of my friend and a fellow Rebel Ink Press author Lori J. Gordon asked the following question. While I quote her. I very easily could have written these same words. We all FEEL this.

“I’m going to ask for help here….I am sadly failing at promoting. I see a lot of you doing so well and have to ask what are you doing? (Please keep in mind I’m on a very tight budget.) I admit I could be a bit lazy about this but it’s past time I got serious. Need advice on where to start?”

Haven’t we all been in that place. I was. Heck! I still AM!!!

Okay. Let me say first loud and clear and unequivocally. I have NO IDEA what works in promoting and marketing. Is it a mystery? Some divine club that senior members give you the golden ticket and it helps us all know what to do? I don’t think so.

The industry is changing moment by moment. I’m not sure its not all about Promoting and Marketing, really. We’re asking ourselves. How do I be a professional author? How to I gain a following of readers? How can I have sales and be successful at writing books? What can I do that will make a difference?

So, let’s explore this concept together over the next few weeks. Watch for the articles I’ll post on Wednesday’s for awhile while we explore the mystery of Marketing and Promoting.  Let’s see if we can find any answers together. Certainly we can share what we do. Maybe ten years from now we’ll know if it accomplished our objective. LOL

I’ll tell you what I do as step one. First, foremost and your greatest priority is 1. Write the next good book. No amount of marketing will work if your book sucks the big stink or never gets written at all. And, we are all learning. I still haven’t necessarily figured out where to put commas. Sometimes my sentences faill to be … well… sentences. I have echo words that have to be culled out and boy do I miss a few.

The point is, I can’t think of too many authors who have totally “Arrived”. Well, except … well there are a few. The divine Queen Nora. Yeah, that woman has arrived.  I think she’s defined the word, arrived. She’s witty, humble, smart. She might not say she’s arrived but in my book. Oh yeah, she has. But I digress.

The POINT IS! we are all still learning and growing. I read craft books. I study. I dissect other books. What was good? What was bad? What hooked me? What made me want to throw it at the wall? I watch what others do. Observation and critical thinking.

So, READ is the second most important thing you can do to help yourself.

Write good books. Read Good Books.

Future Topics on this thread:

Here are some of my thoughts for topics. If you have others, pop them into the comments so we can dig into them together. I think with time and a little effort we can nail this jello to a board.
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  1. Great idea, Eden! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.