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The Galloping Ghoul Of Hockomock Swamp

I had great news from my publisher Rebel Ink Press, this week.  The short novellette I wrote for the “Once Upon A Twisted Tale” anthology released last October has been selected to be offered as a stand alone.

I’ll keep you posted as details are negotiated for release.

It is a fun male male erotic historic romance. You’ll find laughs and steamy sex.

Kudos to my former partner R.M. Kinore for her invaluable assistance during the revision process on this story. Truly, The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp wouldn’t have existed without her research skills.

Fantasy Man Monday

My October short story release “The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp” is a male/male romance. My men aren’t the sterotypical “gay” guys. In honor of my main characters in the story, Nanthaniel and Ike, I have a few Fantasy Men to share today.

It’s been demonstrated that male/male romance appeals to the middle aged female demographic. Why is that?

What does it take for a male/male romance to hold your interest? What turns you off in this sub-genre’ of fiction?

When is too much just too much?

Once Upon A Twisted Tale

Here is a tease!”>20110822-101418.jpg