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Fantasy Man Monday

I realize it is only the end of September. Yet Fall is in the air and thoughts are turned to Halloween.

How do you like your Fantasy Man dressed for the season?

Pirates are the rage since Captain Jack Sparrow sailed through our fantasies.

And ever since Bravehart women all over the world wondered just what the Scottsman has hidden is under that kilt?

Oh and by the way, I am very particular about my vampires. You see…this is the thing…They don’t sparkle.

Vampires, an equally popular Halloween Choice.

However, you like your Fantasy Men dressed up…er. undressed

Be a little devil and have fun with the holiday season.

Book Trailers Love Them or Not?

I have spent considerable time thinking about the changes that epublishing has brought about in our industry. And even more time thinking about marketing in this ever changing, technologically florished environment.


Do you? I love love love them.

Take a look at the book trailer Rebel Ink Author J.L. Oiler did for our Anthology release “Once Upon A Twisted Tale”

Escape to a world of make believe where all your grown up fantasies can now be realized. Where Neverland means never denying yourself the most intimate, wicked treats and where what you wear to the ball isn’t nearly as important as what you don’t. Experience a tantalizing set of stories where fairy tales take on an unexpected twist and journey to a place where real love isn’t defined in terms of a cookie cutter princess. After all, happily-ever-after isn’t the staple of a charmed life…

My contribution to the anthology is “The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp”

**The Galloping Ghoul rides each full-moon exacting revenge by frightening those who tormented his past. By day he is one of the towns people, Nathaniel Hawkins, an affluent entrepreneur. He identifies with Ike Sandhill, a government surveyor, and wants to protect him from the same thugs who drove him to revenge.

Ike goes to the extreme to prove to everyone how straight laced he is. That effort extending to the point of pursuing Misty Von Nix with the intention of marriage.

Nathaniel doesn’t know how to confess his desire without driving Ike away. He comes up with a plan of seduction. Before the night is over Ike discovers things about himself he always knew, yet denied.**

This Anthology is a collection of stores from the fantastic Rebel Ink Authors. I am excited to be part of the group.

So tell me about your feelings on Book Trailers. Do you love them as much as I do? Do they help you make a decision to try out a book? As a marketing technique do they work for you?

Eden Glenn

Coffee Time Romance

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