Fantasy Man Monday

Thoughts on edification. This week I’ve thought alot about fantasy men in a three dimensional world. While eye candy is wonderful. Our romance heroes become larger than life because of their interaction with heroines we love. They edify each other, becoming more through each other’s eyes. Drawing on an energy of sexual tension that mimics the Tango, they push and pull us to unparalleled heights of palm sweating, heart banging, dry throat, on an erotic roller coaster ride.

So this week my Fantasy Men in the arms of the women that complete them and some times vice versa. Enjoy.

Kiernan and Isobeau from Dragon’s Soul.

Kiernan and Isobeau

Adam and ? from Dragon’s Song (2011)

Peter and Raynia and Chase (Amethyst Desire Novella)

Enjoy one of my new favorite video’s Enigma Principles of Lust.

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