Fantasy Man Monday

This week Fantasy Man Monday has to take a different twist because of Mother’s Day. Mothers realize the power you have over the next generation. Hold them tender in your care and teach them what they need.

All they know of how to love they learn from you. Are you preparing them to guard the heart of my daughter someday?

Will what you do today, help him grow up to be a man who is a hero in her eyes? Someone who she can trust to love her without condition, defend her, and cherish the beautiful woman she is.

My son-in-law just returned from Afganst. As a Marine, he had been gone since the early fall. My daughter returned to us as a young bride with her love away at war. They missed their first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, First birthdays and Valentines day, anniversary. They struggled through the early months of their marriage separated by an insurmountable distance and fear for him to return safe. Comrades died and we mourned each one with him on opposite sides of the world.

Last week he finally made his way home. She hung a sheeted banner that read “Half of My Heart Returns tonight” with his name and rank. No one on the bus could miss the sentiment their loved ones all felt.

She watched and waited as men disembarked the bus, not seeing him. He slipped through the crowd and captured her in his arms. This bear of a man…no longer a boy…stood behind her and clasped my daughter to his chest. Sobbing her head fell back onto his shoulder. He held her safe as she cried just like he holds her heart every day.

I’m glad his mother knew her mission.

Mothers, raise your little boys to be men….men worthy of my daughter’s fragile, precious heart.

She turned and poked him in the chest to be sure he was real and this wasn’t a dream. He was finally home, safe.

They are together, for now, until duty calls him away again. Regardless of time or space they are together in heart, mind and soul ready for their next step in this glorious adventure called life.

My son-in-law is a hero, not only for what he does to serve his country, but for every day he spends loving my daughter, a wife in his care.

6 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Well, you did it. You made me cry. Again.

    So pleased your SIL is home safe and back in the arms of the woman he loves.

    • Didn’t mean to make you cry. Should have though of your two fledgling heroes as I wrote. They will be worthy mates for a young daughters heart someday.

  2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


    • Well Thank you Christian. Find me on FB, Eden Glenn. would love to friend you, there. Keep checking in for other. Blog’s today should be facinating as it is once again Fantasy Man Monday whoo hoo.

  3. Caylen Gallini

    Awww….. We love it!