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Quirk 329

My partner bought us a vaccume sealer. You know the the machine that could create a minature black whole in the universe if there were not an off switch?

We added a dehydrator a week later but that is a whole ‘nuther’ story. The dehydrator recommended you have a vaccume sealer so….

It is an amazing little machine. Not that I am doing a 3a.m. info-mercial for the thing. No I don’t get a commission if you purchase one after reading this blog. Dang! Missed out.

My oldest daughter has one. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know about my oldest daughter and my SIL the Marine.(( ((pride))))

SIL Robert was going out for training maneuvers, prior to his second deployment to the desert. They are in the rainy south east U.S.A. How you train for desert deployment in that region? I will never know but, Marines i.e. infinite wisdom. (See the eyes roll?)

ahhem. Anyway. She vaccume sealed his clothing, a uniform per day. Then, individually sealed extra underwear, socks. You get the idea. He showed up packed light and tight in his dufflebag. As the mission progressed, he was the only man in dry clothes each day.

His commander wanted to know the scoop. God do I wish I could have been a fly on the tent wall when he replied, “My wife vaccume sealed my clothes, sir.”

I believe he got a promotion in the field. Now all marines are commanded to vaccume seal their clothes prior to missions. She wishes there were vaccume sealer multi-level marketing opportunities for a side income.

It is true there may have been a line of men at her house prior to the next deployment, all holding roles of plastic vacume sealer baggies waiting their turn with the magical machine.

So, this morning, I am thinking on all this, giggling, and vaccume sealing our grocery swag from Costco. My step-daughter comes in to observe my progress. She enlightens me with further uses of my new toy. Her suggestion was to vaccume seal ice. It keeps the food cold while camping and when it melts you have a container of clean drinking water. It is very possible the heavens opened up and a beam of angel light descended around her. Amazing. Brilliant!

OMG. We are so gonna be ready for the zombie apocalypse!

What are your hints for being prepared?


Fantasy Man Monday

This week Fantasy Man Monday has to take a different twist because of Mother’s Day. Mothers realize the power you have over the next generation. Hold them tender in your care and teach them what they need.

All they know of how to love they learn from you. Are you preparing them to guard the heart of my daughter someday?

Will what you do today, help him grow up to be a man who is a hero in her eyes? Someone who she can trust to love her without condition, defend her, and cherish the beautiful woman she is.

My son-in-law just returned from Afganst. As a Marine, he had been gone since the early fall. My daughter returned to us as a young bride with her love away at war. They missed their first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, First birthdays and Valentines day, anniversary. They struggled through the early months of their marriage separated by an insurmountable distance and fear for him to return safe. Comrades died and we mourned each one with him on opposite sides of the world.

Last week he finally made his way home. She hung a sheeted banner that read “Half of My Heart Returns tonight” with his name and rank. No one on the bus could miss the sentiment their loved ones all felt.

She watched and waited as men disembarked the bus, not seeing him. He slipped through the crowd and captured her in his arms. This bear of a man…no longer a boy…stood behind her and clasped my daughter to his chest. Sobbing her head fell back onto his shoulder. He held her safe as she cried just like he holds her heart every day.

I’m glad his mother knew her mission.

Mothers, raise your little boys to be men….men worthy of my daughter’s fragile, precious heart.

She turned and poked him in the chest to be sure he was real and this wasn’t a dream. He was finally home, safe.

They are together, for now, until duty calls him away again. Regardless of time or space they are together in heart, mind and soul ready for their next step in this glorious adventure called life.

My son-in-law is a hero, not only for what he does to serve his country, but for every day he spends loving my daughter, a wife in his care.

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire

Dressed for the Faire

Sabra and I attended the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire.  Her birthday is early and February and this is our second year enjoying the tradition of the fair.  Last year we were simple tourists.  This year we DRESSED UP.  I borrowed a lovely gown from Killian the story teller.  Sabra, not wanting to be left out of the “Adult Dress-up Day”, ran me all around thrift stores on Saturday to find her a dress.  We ended up armed with the soft taupe lacy dress for her under dress and two drapery panels.

Scarlet O’Hare, Carol Burnette and Julie Andrews eat your heart out.  We made her tapestry overdress out of the drapes.  It was going to be pretty chilly so she layered a stretchy taupe turtleneck under the whole thing.  She looked sensational.  We had a lot of fun Saturday night laying Killian’s dress out on the drapes to use as a pattern.  We laughed as we sewed with plans to do more bigger better next year.

This morning dawned for the faire, clear and C.o.l.d.  We met Madeline and her husband at  the faire.  Aren’t their costumes fantastic?  A group of their friends made us welcome but soon we all lost each other in the packed Sunday crowds.

Sabra and I loved to see the jousting and sword fighting.  I could sit on a bench and watch other costumed fair goers walk by.  We listened to beautiful music through out the fair and interesting shopping at the merchants.

And What about those fantastic Scottish drummers and bag pipe player.  Woo Whee.  They sounded great and what a show.  You can never go wrong with men in plaid kilts and dark muscle shirts playing bag pipes and several varieties of drums.   We were on the side of the chess board where the apparent leader of the group entertained with emphatic drum beats and occasional celtic kicks that were tastefully not quite high enough to confirm what those young men wear under their kilts.


Didn’t you just want to run your fingers through his long hair.  Be calm my inner cougar.  We had the fun of standing behind several of his inebriated fan girl groupies.  Their reaction was almost as entertaining as the music.  Strong tribal beats had the crowd clapping, dancing and kicking up their own feet.

Ah the faire.