Fantasy Man Monday

Man chicca’s The world has almost stopped revolving… I missed Fantasy Man Monday last Week… Can’t have that happening. I’ll just close my right eye and make the left one see enough to do this post.

I’ve been exploring a rough patch lately..with eye issues, major work crunchs, school is out of control…Dang…time for Male Art.

What do you think of candidate Number 1? Art Worthy…

Candidate Number 2…Can’t resist a man in a Kilt? Tell me about it?

Candidate Number 3… I’m feeing the need for a bath coming on…

8 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Hubba hubba, that just brightened my Monday morning!! I’ll take man #1…He’s nummy!

  2. Man #1 for me, too. There’s something about a man in a kilt, but it has to be the RIGHT man.

    Warm fuzzies your way for all you’re dealing with. 😦 We miss you over here!

  3. Eden! You naughty girl! # 3 I like my men already clean and naked!!

    • oh yes… But there is something to be said for boys who play in the dirt too…stay tuned to Fantasy Man Monday coming up.

  4. Hey Chica, had I known Mondays were so special I would’ve dropped in eons ago! No.1 for me, too! 🙂