Fantasy Man Monday

Another week rolls around. My friend Maria is my inspiration for this weeks Fantasy Man. She didn’t like my squeaky clean boys from last week.. So, here this week is for you Maria… Let’s take a look at some some Fantasy Men that might not minding getting a little dirty in the cause of fun.

Here are the men who clearly don’t make any apologies for their zest for living.

Those sexy men with an edge that you want to scratch all your itchy places against.

Or perhaps find out if the hay smells just as sweet on the other side of the field.

Whoo… Makes you just want to see stars doesn’t it???

And see where that itch will lead…

Let’s hear it for the naughty boys of Monday..


4 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Holy crap, Eden!!! I’ll take #1 with a side dish of #5 please…please? Pretty please??

    • Well… 1, 3, 5, 7,7,7,7, gasp ahhhh Sevennnn! ((Had to be a “Friends” fan to get that one.))

  2. You know, I’m not so much with the tattoos. I like clean and scruffy. So Maria can have the boys from this week and I’ll go back to last week, K? 🙂