Writing is a Journey

Writing is a craft, an art, a career, an advocation.  Writing keeps me sane or rather, perhaps it channels my insantiny into socially acceptable norms.  I mean seriously …. voices in my head ….. The state mental hospital isn’t that far away my friends.

I always hope that 2010’s work in progress manuscript will be better than 2009, 2011 better than 2010, etc. I hope that I will be a stronger, tighter writer.  I wish to have a better grasp of voice, of deeper third point of view, get better at showing not telling.  As a somewhat organic writer I always hope to write less.  That is… to spend less time re-writing because of previous days and days of writing myself up a blind alley and finding myself in a plot corner from which there is no return. Delete, Delete, Delete. And lastly of course (for Abigail) I always hope to get better at knowing where to put those damn commas.

I feel the world changing.  I know this time is passing and soon there will be a revolution in my life that will change the face of everything I know.  Perhaps it makes me a little melancholy.  I’m MORE excited for the adventure. 

Writing is a lot of things to me but seldom a destination.  And while writing is so much a solitary occupation it is also rarely a journey one takes alone. Over the next few weeks I might highlight a few of those rare individuals who are brave enough to take this journey with me. So….keep reading…..

Lee Roland.  I brilliant author.  Her voice is clear and deep and a work of art. She broaches themes that sometimes unsettle me and always makes me think.  She presses me to be better than mediocre. Some will aspire to be a hollow reflection of her talent in days to come.  NAL recognized her talent this year and July, 2011 Viper Moon will hit shelves.  I hope she has a long line of success writing for them. She has paid her dues and endured the journey well. We all doubt ourselves at times. Lee didn’t let the negative voices stop her. I hope I can learn from her diligence and strength.

Charlie Allden was one of the first writers who could hear my voice. Maybe even before I could hear my voice. She is amazing. In critique while the rest of us are stumbling she zones in like a laser and knows precisely what to say that will be uplifting and most beneficial. I adore her work and can’t wait for her to get her call. She has given me excellent critique and I have cherished her wisdom. There are times when I know she saved me as a writer. She created a really cool blog for Science Fiction and futuristic readers. It encompass a variety of media, film, books, games. Great Great blog to read. I would love to see this blog, Smart girls SciFi go viral.

Abigail Sharpe is kind and witty. she is one Sharpe cookie *pun intended* She has a command of english that I would aspire to. This woman knows her mis-placed modifiers like they were kissin cousins and always, always, knows where to put those damn commas. Her voice has a delightful sense of humor that keeps me giggling as I read her work. All right, I will confess that sometimes I laugh out loud. Yep, she also will be getting the call one day very soon.

I tease her and say she is my Best Breast Buddy. Abigail heard my cancer story late one night during the 2009 Southern Lights writers conference. I may have been drinking wine and gave too candid a glimpse at the broken heroine inside me.

She was appalled that I had dropped out of follow-up after going into remission. She gave me her oncologist and her reconstruction surgeon. The imp followed up with me and I think if I had not made appointments on my own she would have made them for me and dragged me to them kicking and screaming. You have to have spent a year in cancer treatment to understand how I felt and why I ran from doctors after going into remission. It wasn’t the smart thing to do…no, not at all. Abigail as a cancer surviver knew what I was going through. She became my breast buddy that day. Love you girl. Now we discuss our surgeon’s long eye lashes and just how brilliant he is as the King of Tata’s. 2010 I completed Breast reconstruction surgery. I was gobstobbered at how much that outward change went toward helping me begin to heal some of the inward scars. But that is fodder for another blog, another day.

And then there is Jamie. Wickedly clever, intuitive, gifted, lyrical, Her voice contains lilting prose in almost every sentence. When you read her stories you are truly swept away to a different place and time. You want to cry when it is over for having taken the journey with her and that the time has ended to quickly. ((And NO JAMIE. I’m not blowing smoke your way just because you have my dream agent. pfffttt.))

Right now she is writing a blog that will give you a taste of her wonderful world. “I’m Trying to Do Something”

One response to “Writing is a Journey

  1. awww, I blush! I completely understand the doctor fatigue and I’m glad you gave yourself that personal push to see Dr. Eyelashes, miracle worker and tummy tucker. And yes, I would have made the appointments for you, told you we were going out for ice cream to get you in the car, and driven you there myself. And taken you out for ice cream later. *laugh*

    Comma usage comes with having to write for the day job. You’ll get it one day. You know, your characters may not think with commas, so that could be why you leave them out too much. Hee. Blame them.

    Weekend’s half over. *sigh*