Fantasy Man Monday

Here we are so quickly back to Monday. Round and Round the days of the week, seasons turn and turn and another year is gone.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching the last few months. It is no secret that I have had my share of medical adventures in the past five years. I some days feel like I am waking up from a deep fog. Sleeping Beauty ain’t got nuthin over on me. lol

As our seasons turn and revolve, I believe Eden will be coming out of her sleep and reaching for her own dreams and ambitions for the future. Query Query Query Here I come.

But for now…Fantasy Man Monday!

This past Saturday night I attended the Golden 29th Birthday Bash for Adam Lambert at LeBuzz in Atlanta.

I have a whole new appreciation for the power of Fandom! There were 63 identified Adam Lambert Fans… “Glamberts” mostly members of his official fan club who organized and attended the gala event. Add that to the regular customers and you have a wild crazy blow out. The place was packed to capacity.

Okay…why Adam on Fantasy Man Monday? Hello people…FANTASY – MAN – Monday! It’s fun, it’s fantasy. It is not REAL.

And yes, well, he is openly gay.

But he is admittedly, “Bi-curious”, and judging from the crowd at LeBuzz he is the Fantasy, heart throb of MANY.

Saturday night at least 53 of the 60 some odd fans were straight women packed into a rockin gay club for the night. The ‘drag queen’ show was AMAZING. I have a whole new level of appreciation for that as a performance “art”. However, that is another blog for another day.

There is a reason Adam’s AMA performance video went viral on U-Tube. It brought fantasy performance art to a whole new level. Yes, I am with the side that says ….”if you are offended by sexuality…then be offended by ALL sexuality.” and “What is your seven year old doing up watching the AMA performances at 11p.m. anyway?”

I would love to post the link for you but it has been removed.

However, check out this video of “For Your Entertainment.” for a thrill. Fantasy Performance with a sexual edge.

Adam Lambert “For Your Entertainment”

(*aside* Am I the only one who finds it intensely amusing that the advertisement tacked to this VEVO video is for the Army? lol Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. *chuckles*)

And yet in the middle of this love and happiness there are still occasions where youth are bullied as they find their own pathway into their lives, sexuality and the people they strive to be.

R.M. Kinore’s blog on an experience of a Transgender teen being harrassed. That it would happen is a sad commentary on factions of our society.
R.M. Kinore Blog “Bullying.”

So, go my friends…Spread the word. Fantasy is healthy, sexuality is healthy. Live, love, laugh and find joy in all that you do. Infuse those around you with positive energy, so that perhaps there will be less room for hate just because someone is different.

And for my erotic writer friends who are worried when they give rein to their fantasies of ‘what would grandma be thinking?’ looking over their shoulder. Go for it baby. Grandma would secretly be thrilled…and so would Grandpa.

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  1. Yay Fantasy Man Monday! I’m glad you had fun this weekend. And medical crap sucks.