February 2nd Ground Hog Day

Will the ground hog see his shadow indicating another six weeks of winter? If he doesn’t then we will have an early spring.


Groundhog day is serious business.

My middle child was born on Ground Hog day 21 years ago today. She is an amazing person. She is talented and gracious. She will graduate with her associates degree this spring. She wants to pursue a career in counseling therapy.

I won’t go on and on because I have the pride in her that every parent has in their off spring. Well, that will be what you tell yourselves. However, I would find her amazing even if she wasn’t my child.

I didn’t say perfect…. I said amazing.

She works summers as camp staff shepherding children between the ages of 8 and 13 and teen Counselors ages 14 to 18 years old. She teaches archery and waterfront safety, swimming…all kinds of stuff.

Wikipedia says of her name:

” ‘Sabra’ (Hebrew: צבר‎, pronounced tsabar; ṣabra ) is a term used to describe a Jewish person born in Israeli territory; the term is also usually inclusive of Jews born during the period of the establishment of the state of Israel.

[1] The word sabra derived from the Hebrew name for the Indian Fig Opuntia cactus, “tzabar”, and related to the Arabic word sabr which means “aloe” or “cactus” or “patience”.[2] the allusion is to a tenacious, thorny desert plant with a thick hide that conceals a sweet, softer interior, suggesting that even though the Israeli Sabra are rough and masculine on the outside, they are delicate and sensitive on the inside. In the United States, this cactus variety is known as the Prickly Pear.”

Sabra hummus is a real treat. I wish my Sabra owned controlling stock.

My Sabra is single, intelligent and happy. she is self determined and able to handle almost anything. Yes, she can even use power tools. So she is my Wednesday Heroine. She doesn’t need a man to complete her…she is whole and healthy without a man in her life. However, she does boycott Valentines day for obvious reasons.

Yet, I know that she is going to be inspiration for one kick ass heroine someday soon. And, in the end My Heroine will find a man that will value her own unique qualities, love her, cherish her and give her the freedom to continue to be that self determined capable young woman.

I could only hope for a similar happily-ever-after for the real Sabra.

One response to “February 2nd Ground Hog Day

  1. Happy Birthday, Sabra! May the next 21 years be even better.