Fantasy Man Monday

Sunday night as I prepare this blog for Monday the world as I know it is watching the Super Bowl. I live in a rural county where the standing joke is Jesus won’t return on a Friday night cause in this town foot ball is God and Fridays the masses worship high school foot ball.

Two Fantasy Men rose above the pack as The Steelers Faced the Packers. The leaders of the team. The revered Quarterbacks.

Aaron Rodgers, quarter back for the Packers

Battled against

Pittsburg Steelers Quarterback

Ben Roethlisberger

The age old battle between football teams. Many people have compared ancient warriors to the modern football players of today. I guess my brain can make the leap and see it. Warriors battling it out over territory… But then I Hear Andy Williams and his deep country drawl saying…. “What it was was foot ball.”… and I crack up.

The fans are rather passionate about their love of the game.

Okay so, I will admit to being rather clueless about the whole thing. But, hey, don’t judge me. I cheered Tbow through season after season of Gator football.

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  1. what a nicely done blog unlike many other sites with all the spam i had to see today

    • Hey CamAmateur. Your reply got lost in the spam filter and I just retrieved it. Sorry to seem to ignore you for so long. I can’t let a nice comment about my blog go un-thanked.

      Come often and browse around.